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Time for the introduction of the committee that makes sure you are always able to visit our beautiful websites: faector.nl and estimator.faector.nl. This committee started in October and consists of Lars, Evgeny, Bas and Micheal. Curious who once deleted the whole FAECTOR website? Read along!

Evgeny Astapov


20 years old; 2nd year economics/econometrics student, IT Officer @ Erasmus Tech Community, at the IT Committee in Faector, DevOps at ECE, with photography and playing guitar as a hobby, it’s safe to say I barely have any free time and can barely keep up with my studies. 

My most embarassing moment was during my first time ever at a club. I was dancing with a girl who my friend introduced me to. Danced for a while and then I just bounced.

Lars Päsler

If I were a function, you would be my asymptote – I’d always tend towards you.

Hello, there! My name is Lars and I am from the beautiful Ruhrgebiet in Germany. I enjoy running and participated in a half-marathon last year. As a first-year BSc² student, I now have up to four years to prepare for the marathon here in Rotterdam.

One of the most embarrassing moments happened to me when I was riding in the car with my host family in the United States. When my host dad pulled into the driveway, Macklemore’s Thrift Shop was playing on the radio. Because I am a Macklemore fan, I joined my three host siblings singing along until they suddenly stopped - and it was only me who confidently sang “this is f*cking awesome!”

Bastiaan Mudde


“Be the hard drive of my dreams”

Hey everyone! My name is Bastiaan (although I have also been called Bas, Sebas and Bassie). I was born in Hilversum which has led to me not being able to pronounce the “r” properly. I am currently a second year econometrics/economics student, and besides studying I like to play soccer and to drink different kinds of speciality beer. 

My most embarrassing moment was when I, at the age of 6, was allowed to sit in the front of the car for the first time and opened the car door whilst my father was driving. This happened because I was used to the car doors in the back being locked and therefore hadn’t expected the car door to actually open when I used the lever.  

Michael Darmoutomo

"You make my software turn into hardware"

Hi everyone, my name is Michael and I'm 22 years old and I am the IT Committee this year. As the IT Officer of the board you will regularly hear your fellow board members scream 'IT!' when their computer is not working. To be honest I am not a great IT guy myself, that's why I'm very happy to be supported by the IT Committee, who have a lot of experience in the field of IT. Furthermore, I like to go out for dinner, enjoy committee nights, travel and play drums.

My most embarrassing moment was when I accidentally deleted the whole FAECTOR website.

Next, we posed the IT committee some questions, and this is what they answered:

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