Welcommittee - Alumni Committee

Next up in the Welcommittee sequence is the Alumni Committee! This committee organises events for the ones who somehow managed to graduate the econometrics curriculum. You might have heard of the Alumni association RECNET: That's basically what this committee is responsible for!

Ben Batist

"I wish i was your second derivative so I could investigate your curvatures"

Ola, my name is Ben. I'm 23 years old (slightly younger than Gran Sophie). At the moment I'm facing the hard life of doing the master Quantitative Finance, with lots of pleasure. I like to play football on Saturdays in a team with my High-School-friends. But most of all I like to play a game, could be any game, especially when there is something at stake. So, if you know a good game, challenge me!

My most embarrassing moment included scoring two consecutive 1.0's for an exam and the resit in my bachelor Mechanical Engineering in Delft. Both times I did my best studying the material, I thought, and expected the grade to be sufficient. Which was definitely not the case. (The third try, the next year, I passed the exam, no worries).

Gert van Dasler

"Quien fuera baldosa pa verte toda la cosa"

Hey, my name is Gert 21 years old and I am currently occupied with the master Quantitative Finance. I was born and raised a tomatenplukker. In my spare time you can find me throwing some weights through the roof in the basic-fit. Be prepared for a long seat if you ever start talking to me about Barcelona, because I will most likely not be able to stop talking about my exchange adventures.

About my most embarrassing moment: Once upon a time in the Vibes...

Sophia Hummelman

"I hear you’re good at algebra… Will you replace my eX without asking Y?"

Hi, my name is Sophia I’m 21 years old and I’m currently doing my master in Quantitative Finance. My hobbies include questioning why I’m studying econometrics on a daily basis & my second home is the library, but hey, after surviving my bachelor I’m still going strong. To forget about my first world problems you can find me Zumbaing at Erasmus sport or ESN Tuesdays. 

My most embarrassing moment was when I emailed my thesis supervisor (professor Lumsdaine) and closed of the email with: “Kind regards, professor Lumsdaine.” Yeah, for real. 

Sophie van Weede

"Are you French? Because Eiffel for you <3"

Hi, my name Sophie and I'm 23 years old (which apparently makes me the oldest active member whoop whoop). I'm currently doing the Quantitative Marketing track of the masters program and spending waaaay more time in the UB than I would like to admit. Other hobbies include food, hockey and food. 

My most embarrassing momentw was when I had to google what 'bai' meant. This was actually one of the few times google let me down pretty hard, which meant I still had to ask one of my classmates what it meant.

Rebecca van Essen

"How do I know so many digits of pi but not the 10 digits of your phone number?"

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am the Secretary of the 53rd board of FAECTOR. One of my main tasks is supervising four committees. One of those is the Alumni Committee which is a lot of fun to do as they are very 'gezellig' and we have some amazing outfits. Originally I am from the pretty town of Reeuwijk (next to Gouda for those of you who don’t know it) which means I'm a real cheese lover. In my free time (as far as that exists) I like to play field hockey (although I managed to be present only once at a practice this academic year yet), to cook and to have committee avondjes.

For the embarrassing moment... I once called my grandfather's new girlfriend by the name of his ex...

The Committee awards!

Unfortunately, only three out of the five committee members managed to fill out the questionnaire. For further research, we recommend taking a larger sample size, as results might be biased.

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