Welcommittee - Excellence Committee

Time for the Introduction of the excellence committee. This committee has already been in place since June, but today seemed like an appropriate time to publish  their welcommittee, since the deadline for subscribing for the excellence programme is tonight at 23:59. So if you are an excellent student looking for a challenge, don’t hesitate to sign up. 

Doris Xiong


Hi! My name is Doris Xiong, I come from China. I am a third-year BSc2 student and a member of FAECTOR Excellence Programme Committee. I like photography, travelling and Japanese culture. Everything about Japan makes me happy (Excluding the politics by the way).  I love drinking coffee but I really hate garlic, though Chinese people are always contrary to me.
This year is my first active year and it is even the first time for me to join a student association during my time at university. I really enjoy being an active member of FAECTOR!

Embarrassing moment: I once opened the door for someone but said thank you myself…

Meiyee Chow


Hi everyone! My name is Meiyee, I am 20 years old and currently in my third year of the BSC2 programme. I love food and my friends and family, in that order, I am horrible at cooking and snapchat and in my spare time I like to bingewatch Friends. This year I am a member of the Excellence Programme Committee. Together we are responsible for the, you guessed it, Excellence Programme, which is an extracuricular programme for excellent students. By the way, applications are open until the 9th of January ;)

My most embarrassing moment was when I was running up to a stranger and hugging him from the back, thinking he was a friend. Turns out he wasn't.

Marie-Sophie Graftiaux 


My name is Marie-Sophie and I am the supervisor of this great committee. I am now taking a year off to be part of the FAECTOR board. I grew up in France and Germany and came to the Netherlands three years ago to start my bachelor here. In my spare time I love to ski in the winter and go on vacation in the summer (or any other time of the year actually..) to discover new cultures and the world outside the Netherlands, France or Germany.

I would say that my most embarrassing moment ever was on one of those trips! I was supposed to take a plane to Canada in Frankfurt the next day. Arriving at the night bus that would take me to Frankfurt I realised that I forgot the most valuable item for this trip.. my passport! Finally everything worked out alright as I managed to go home grab my passport and take the train to Utrecht where I got before the night bus.

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  • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
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