New Year's Resolutions

We hope you all enjoyed your free time during the holidays, had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year’s Eve! Whereas the holidays are the time where you can let go of all your deadlines, duties, healthy eating patterns and not partying too much, the new year is the time where a lot of people make resolutions to better their lives. We, the Estimator, were very curious what the resolutions of the FAECTORIANS would be and hence sent out a google form. Here is our top 10 resolutions for 2019:

  1. Get more sleep
    This is probably a resolution applying to all Econometrics students…
  2. Drink responsibly (read ‘way less’) so that I might actually remember my nights out
    We couldn’t agree more ;), every time you wake up and your entire memory of the night before is one big blur (or a big black hole), it is definitely a bummer. Besides, for your health you might want to consider drinking less. Some studies claim drinking is not particularly healthy…
  3. Turning on ‘automatic charging’ for my OV card
    Even though this resolution is accomplished very easily and prevents a lot of hassle when out of credit, not everyone has automatic charging yet.
  4. Get a boyfriend
  5. Less procrastination (by filling in google forms)
    To whomever answered this: we most certainly agree with you, except for the part about the google forms. We are actually very thankful for your time to fill it in!
  6. Become vegetarian
    Next to it being beneficial for your own health, it is probably even more so for the earth’s ‘health’!
  7. Try out a new recipe every week
    Mmmmm, this person’s roommates and friends are really (un)lucky.
  8. Don’t screw up Econometrics 1
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all second years, premasters who are currently taking this (and of course to all other students retaking it). May the odds be ever in your favour. On a more serious note: stressing out about the exam will not help you at all, so as long as you keep up with all the material on a weekly basis, you should be fine. And if not, you will at least not regret not studying enough.
  9. Go the gym more often
    Probably one of the most famous ones. Also one of the first resolutions to be left aside with the thought ‘Never mind, enjoying life with good food and good company is way more important than having a toned body’.
  10. Order less food
    Most people think students are poor all of the time and yet a tonne of students rarely ever cook, but order meals instead. This can mean one of two things:
    1. Students are not necessarily poor, contrary to what the rest of the population thinks
    2. Students are poor because of their lifestyle (causation or correlation?)

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Written by:
  • Carlijn Otto
| Published on: Jan 15, 2019