New committees call for a new Welcommittee article! In celebration of change, we’ve also changed the structure of the Welcommittee article. Find out which movie each committee would reenact, which professor the majority of people would befriend, whether people would want their life to be like the show Temptation island and much more!

FAECTOR Research Project 19/20 Committee

Our committee can be described in one single word: nerds. But nerds also like to go on vacation from time to time, and the best destination in the world for us to go to would be Texel, obviously. We could go there by car, which is a big advantage for people like us, because it means we can take our beloved Econometrics books with us. Probably everyone is smart enough to understand this is a joke, but we can’t say where we would like to go most, since this is still a secret.

If we had to reenact a movie, we would reenact The Internship. It goes without saying why. In the upcoming year our committee will be mostly on the phone, calling companies, so we’ll probably try and steal all available space in the FAECTOR office. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure the little room is always available :) The most important goal for us is to be the first FRP committee to win the committee battles and we are determined to succeed.

Event Committee

Hi! We are the Event Committee and of course we are the best committee ;). We exist of three first years, one second year, one third year and Rebecca from the board. If we had to go on vacation together, we would definitely go to Thailand because we would party there all night and Lucas could see some beautiful nature while we are drinking because he is only seventeen and he loves nature.

If we had to reenact a movie, we would reenact high school musical, because we are all so talented so we could sing and dance together and of course there is always some drama and gossip. You could expect an amazing Ski Trip from us and a lot of other unforgettable events!! Kissssess EveCo xxxx

IT Committee

The IT committee is responsible for all IT related activities and helps by supporting other committees in FAECTOR with all IT related endeavors. The IT committee also comes up with improvement to the current systems in FAECTOR and bring creative solutions to help boost efficiency. The people in the IT committee are all tech oriented people who love to come up with creative solutions to problems and have a little fun while they are doing it.

We would love to go Silicon Valley, in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California where the various IT committees and startups are located, with Apple and Google being the famous ones among them. Silicon Valley is home to many amazing places such as the NASA Ames research center, The tech (the tech museum of innovation) and The Intel Museum. All of which offer great insight into the history and development of computers and information technology as a whole. On the non-IT side there is the Winchester mystery house and Palo Alto Baylands Nature preserve which offer a great  break from the computer screen, especially the nature preserve where it’s possible to go hiking or kayaking.

The movie which the IT committee would love to reenact is an enthralling adventurous tale of bravery and heroism about a great journey to get rid of the dark shadow cast on a once happy kingdom by the invaders by rallying allies and saving the day, much like what the actual IT committee is responsible for in FAECTOR. The movie is “My little Pony: The Movie “(2017), a cinematic masterpiece with plot on par with inception, because of its utter simplicity, a perfect fit for the IT committee.

The committee plans on providing its full support to other committees in IT related issues and will aim to discuss various changes that could be brought to the IT in FAECTOR if necessary and viable. The committee is also working on its own projects related to data gathering and analysis to help further improve the organization and identify problems and if possible, offer solutions.

Econometric Career Days Committee

With Koen as chairman and Pim as supervisor, there is no denying that we will end up having a little too much fun from time to time. During meetings we also discuss whether our secretary Hiro can chug a bottle of wine without any problems. Next to this, we sometimes show off our superiority over the LED committee, with our great looking shirts made by Samuël, the ECD’s marketing officer. Last, but not least, we have Charlotte and Sean, the two external officers. They make sure that there will be great companies to visit at the ECD. However, when not doing acquisition, they also love to have some good fun. All jokes aside, we are very excited to set-up a wonderful career event for all econometricians in Rotterdam and we hope that some of you can find their dream job or internship during the ECD. To get to know us, here are some fun facts:

All of us in the committee love movies, but if we had to choose one to reenact, we would choose: The Hangover. The story of a couple of friends going on an adventure sounds great to us and we would really be down for such a trip as well. However, we would try to skip most of the not-so-fun hungover parts of the movie.

About the vacation we would take together, it would most definitely be to: Correk! A beautiful town in Ireland and, home to some of Hiro’s family roots.

We look forward to seeing you all during the ECD in November. For now, make sure to get connected with us through our new Instagram account! @ecdrotterdam

FAECTOR Consultancy Project Committee

The FCP committee consist for almost 50% of people who are born in an amazing village called Hillegom. It is the best, believe me. In Hillegom everybody shares the same hairdresser, general practitioner and attend the same music school. Hillegom is so popular, it has built a wall to withhold all the tourists from coming there. It is amazing. Oh, the FCP also organizes consultancy projects for students. We prefer students who are born in or near Hillegom.

If we had to go on vacation together, we would probably go to Hillegom. Just to show Rosa and Daniel where it all went wrong with their committee members. If we had to reenact a movie, it would definitely be Bro’s before ho’s. For no other reason than it being the greatest movie of all time.

Regarding what can be expected from our committee this year, we already kind of survived AMW, so we already achieved the best you could expect from us. Oh and we’re gonna set up the best consultancy projects that ever were or will be.

LED Committee

The LED is the committee that organises the largest annual recruitment event for econometricians in the universe. We’re 6 people, 3rd and 4th year students, who are super motivated to make the LED 2020 an even bigger success than previous editions!

If we had to go on vacation together, we would go on an amazing trip to the MaLEDiven, to relax after all our hard work. If we had to reenact a movie, we would reenact Frozen, so we can sing LED it go.

The upcoming year everyone can expect a tight group, dedicated to making the LED a big success, but also up for some fun!

Estimator Committee

Ever wonder about the people who work on campus who you see but never speak to? About how much fun everyone had at a FAECTOR event? Curious to see how statistics and econometrics can be applied in fun ways such as to predict who is the mole? Don't worry, the Estimator commitee has got your back! These are few of the many topics we write about in hopes of informing and entertaining our readers!

If we had to go on vacation together, we would escape to Italy. Good food and good weather, what more does one need? We would indulge in some dolce far niente, as the Italians say. Lying on a beach and sipping on some Aperol Spritz is the perfect cure to a burnout.

If we had to reenact a movie, it would be Academy Award nominated film The Post. The movie is about groundbreaking journalism, which is obviously based on the Estimator.

The upcoming year we hope to keep everyone informed and entertained with fun articles. We will be writing some great articles on interesting topics, so stay tuned!



We also asked all the active members some fun questions!





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