How to survive a hangover

We've all been there: waking up after a night out feeling nauseous, having a terrible headache and being unable to bear a daylight. Hangovers are terrible, especially on days when you actually have activities, or studying, planned. It would therefore be great to find a way to survive these days in a different way than by sleeping until dinner. We made a list of some possible cures for your sausage hangover.

Cure 1: eat a good, hearty breakfast

A good breakfast can help you get your blood sugar levels up a bit. Having a low blood sugar level could lead to nausea, fatigue and weakness. Eating a large plate of eggs, bacon and bread could help cure these symptoms. Besides, a good breakfast provides your body with some well-deserved vitamins and minerals - you'll feel a lot healthier after it.

The main disadvantage of this cure is that the ingredients for the perfect breakfast may not already be in your fridge, which means taking a trip to the supermarket (and encountering daylight on your way).

Cure 2: stay hydrated

This cure is quite common and many people already try to really do this after a night of drinking. Alcohol has a so-called diuretic effect, which means that it increases the production of urine. Besides making you pee very much during the night out (and miss miss the party because you're in line for the toilets), it also dries you out. Dehydration makes some hangover symptoms worse, which is why it is very important to keep drinking water throughout the day. 

Cure 3: avoid too much coffee

Although litres of coffee may seem to be the only thing that will get you going when you have a hangover, it is actually not recommended to drink too many cups. Since coffee also has a diuretic effect, it will only dry you out more and thereby cause an even worse headache. If you really need some caffeine to get you going, try making tea instead. Teas often also contain caffeine, but in more moderate amounts. If you are in really bad need of your coffee, make sure to drink enough water in between the espressos, in order to keep your body hydrated.

Cure 4: avoid drinks with congeners

Congeners are toxic by-products or alcohol production, which can increase the severity of your hangover. Different alcoholic beverages contain different amounts of congeners, so it's wise to try and avoid those with very high levels in them. The rule of thumb is that dark-colored drinks are often high in congeners, while lighter-colored ones are often safer. Getting drunk on beer, white wine and rum is therefore better than drinking red wine or whiskey.

Cure 5: Don't drink alcohol

The easiest way to cure a hangover is to not get one. Seems logical right?

The only con is that this cure only works if you're strong enough to really not drink, which is quite a challenge for many students :)

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Written by:
  • Laura Zwiers
| Published on: Mar 09, 2020