Advanced Computer Science - Deepening Minor

At ESE, students have the opportunity to go on exchange, do an internship or follow a minor during their last year of university. Estimator has interviewed many people who went on exchange. Therefore, for this edition, we decided to interview a third-year single bachelor student on his experience following ESE's Advanced Programming Deepening minor. 

Why did you choose following this minor instead of studying abroad or doing an internship? Do you believe other students chose it for the same reasons as you?

I chose the Erasmus School of Economics advanced programming deepening minor because I enjoyed our previous programming courses. Moreover, I would also like to work daily with programming and thought this would be a good stepping stone to build a solid foundation in programming. I decided not to go on exchange because I am an international student myself, and, so, it didn't appeal to me to go on exchange. I believe other students had the same reasoning as mine when deciding not to go on exchange themselves. 

How was the minor structured (exams, assignments, location), and how did the workload compare with the general Econometrics workload?   

I found that the structure was pretty much the same as the past 3 years of econometrics. The workload was also relatively high for a minor, or perhaps a little bit easier. But still a decent amount of work.

Did the minor meet your expectations? That is, did you find what you were looking for in your minor? 

I found the structure to be pretty similar to that of previous econometrics years. The workload was also relatively high for a minor. Possibly, however, it was still a bit easier than the usual program. 

Do you believe previous knowledge is necessary for this minor? Is this in agreement or disagreement with the entry requirements set by the university?

Yes. I would say it would help. Maybe it’s not necessary, but it helps if you know some stuff from bachelor 1 and 2 of Econometrics. 

Do you regret your decision, and, if so, why?

Since econometrics is heavily mathematical, I wish I would have chosen a more fun minor instead of a mathematical one. It would have been nice to take a break from it. 

For questions concerning the organization, structure and availability of this minor please follow the link: or contact one of the study advisors on campus. 


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Written by:
  • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
| Published on: Mar 25, 2020