How to survive quarantine

We're living in strange times right now with the Coronavirus, and it is not unimaginable that you're slowly getting bored sitting at home. Many people already started their large Spring cleanups during the first week of quarantine, or started on that one series they had been waiting to see but never got the time yet. Now, after a few weeks, it is not unimaginable that you have run out of ideas. Therefore, the Estimator is here with some tips!


Start cooking

Now that restaurants are closed, you're probably missing some of your favorite cuisines. Luckily, supermarkets are open so that you can still make the dishes at home! You have plenty of time, so why not make some cool new recipes right now. And if you succeed in making that perfect dish, lay the table and pretend like you're eating in a restaurant. Be on the lookout for our cooking series!

Do workout videos

There are many workout videos you can do online especially on YouTube. The only problem is selecting and of course starting. We suggest doing this together with friends, virtually. Through a zoom call, or any other VOIP applications, you can either send a link to your friends and call them while doing the workouts or share a screen and put the video on while doing the exercises together. That way, you can make the workouts more fun, keep each other accountable, and socialize at the same time. What is also amazing is that you don't really need equipment, maybe some yoga mat if you want that nice cushion. We recommend some YouTube videos such as Blogilates, Chloe Ting, Beachbody, FitnessBlender, The Fitness Marshall. If you are into dance workouts, 

Play online games while skyping with friends

Of course, you're missing your friends and skyping with them is definitely different from actually hanging out in person. Still, it's nice to have a chat, and even nicer to combine it with playing a fun game. There are plenty of websites that offer our favorite games, such as Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary, online. Estimator pro tip: the online version of 'Secret Hitler', it's really a great and funny game! 

Learn to play an instrument

Always dreaming of being able to play your favorite song on the piano, guitar, or any other instrument? Now's the time to finally learn that! As many people have been cleaning out their houses, there's a high chance you'll be able to buy a second-hand instrument for a very decent price. With some YouTube tutorials you'll surely learn quickly and be able to impress your friends when this is all over. 

Learn a language

Another thing you've probably already wanted to do for some time: learning a language. Whether it is the Dutch language (as you're living in this country) or that of your favorite place to travel to, now's the time to download Duolingo and start learning. By the time we can travel again, you will be able to have a chat with the cashier at Albert Heijn, or to order your pizza like a true Italian. 

Watch some new series, or read a good book

Sounds obvious, and most people have probably already started on some series and books. But maybe you've run out of them? Luckily Estimator has got your back, as we have some new series and book tips ready for you! Find them here for some good books, tv shows, and movies. More on books (and possibly podcast) coming soon.

Go on a city trip on Google Streetview

Did you have a trip planned, which is now canceled? Or have you always wanted to visit that one city on the other side of the globe? Well, you still can on the internet! Go to Google Streetview and wander around the streets of your favorite city, or maybe just around Rotterdam, because you miss it so much. Plenty of options, so you can spend a lot of time doing this. 

Get a tan from your balcony

The Netherlands is experiencing it's most sunny start of the Spring season in years. Not the perfect timing for this, as going outside is not really advised. But, if you have a garden, balcony, or just large windows that can be opened entirely, it's still possible to catch many rays of sunshine. Go get a nice tan, so that it'll look like you've been on a long holiday once uni reopens - the ones who didn't get a tan will admire it. 

Go for a run with a cool route

Staying fit during these times are really important, especially since summer is coming so you can prepare for that summer body. While not all countries allow the people to go outside, the Netherlands is still suitable for you to run as long as you are keeping a 1.5m distance. If you don't have the best view for your run, why not make your path exciting instead? You can use popular running apps like Strava, Nike Run Club and see where your path is and follow the path to make a drawing (see some examples below).


Try out tik toks

At the time before quarantine, while the idea might seem absurd, doing tik tok dances, or tik tok hacks can seem misleading but is actually really fun to do! Learning the dance movement itself can be quite time consuming, especially coordinating your movements and the song used. You can even virtually make it with someone! If you are not up to the dances, doing “tik tok hacks” can also be fun. We recommend the dalgona coffee, a very successful tik tok hack and a fun way to spice up your coffee game! 

Solve puzzles

If you are looking to take a break from social media and use hard brain power, solving jigsaw puzzles can be very rewarding. You can spread it out over a few days and maybe if you are living with other people solve it together as a challenge. 

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Written by:
  • Laura Zwiers
  • Athaya Putri
| Published on: May 23, 2020