Funny things that happened during the pandemic

We’re in the midst of a crisis, and yes, it should be taken seriously. However, it is important to still have a laugh every now and then. Therefore, we collected some funny things that happened during the coronacrisis worldwide to brighten up your day!

The memes

During this pandemic, we should be grateful to be living in a world with social media, where many memes are being shared. Meme creators have found some perfect ways to keep us entertained, while referring to the crisis. A simple Google search will give you a plethora of memes to have a laugh about!

Parents working at home with children

This one’s also related to the world of social media we’re living in. Many parents are sharing their stories about working from home, while the kids are also there. The situation becomes extra funny when you think of the fact that these kids should also be homeschooled now. Some examples:

The smart-ass mom:

“Our homeschooling curriculum includes: Honors Laundry and AP Vaccumming.”

The best way to get out of work:

“[video call with my boss while working from home]

Boss: I need you to-

[4 kids run by: one on fire, one naked, 2 in ski masks and capes]

Boss: Never mind”

On how much teachers are now appreciated:

“Been homeschooling a 6-year old and 8-year old for one hour and 11 minutes.  Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year.  Or a week.”

The Netherlands’ love for Irma

At each press conference concerning the Coronavirus of the Dutch government, Irma Sluis makes sure that everything said is also communicated in sign language. With her iconic representation of the word ‘hamsteren’ (hoarding/panic buying), she gained national fame and people started to pay more attention to her than to the actual words of our prime minister. In a recent press conference, she was replaced after an hour of signing, causing the country to be completely confused. One thing is for sure: when we look back on these times in a few years, we will be thinking about Irma as well. 

Quotes by Mark Rutte

There is one thing that many Dutch people find normal, but internationals are astonished about, and that is the fact that our prime minister makes many jokes during official moments. Mark Rutte first gained international fame by saying that - and I quote - we have enough toilet paper to be shitting for the next 10 years. 

Then, another fun moment was when a journalist asked him how he was going to keep his hair look good, now that barbour shops are closed. After some explanation about how his hair was going to look, Mark came up with an idea: to go for the Ferd-look. And what is this Ferd-look? It’s the hairstyle rocked by minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus, who basically has no hair. 

Zoom backgrounds

For those of you who don’t know yet: you can change your background in a Zoom meeting. My personal favourite is the following:

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  • Laura Zwiers
| Published on: Jun 07, 2020