Study tips for the upcoming (online) exams!

As the Estimator is also preparing for (online) exams, we thought we can share some tips on how to make sure you have productive study sessions and hopefully do well on your exams. Here are some tips to help you stay sane during these tough times!


While studying

  • Do a few push-ups or jumping jacks periodically in between studying to keep the blood flowing to your brain and keeping it active.

  • If you usually tend to discuss courses a lot with your classmates, make sure to still stay in touch with them during this exam week, even though you’re not studying together. Make a group chat with your usual study group and discuss topics you still find difficult with them via chat, or by calling. 

  • Although you might feel that you’re studying much less productively than you would at uni, try to stay positive. In the end, it is already a great accomplishment to pass the courses even in these difficult times and it’s totally okay to sometimes feel like it’s all too much right now. 

  • Figure out the window of time where you are most productive and make the most out of it. 

  • Try to relax as stress will reduce your ability to absorb information. 

  • Play some ambient music or whatever genre that typically sets you in a motivated and productive state of mind.

  • Take a few minutes to walk around the room and absorb all the information you just learnt before moving on to another section or topic. 

Preparing for your online exams

  • Online exams can be held in different online environments, which all have their own technicalities. The university has published some practice exams in different environments, so make sure to have a look at the one your exam will be hosted on. 

  • Practice on the platform where your online exam will be held. Make sure to read all published instructions and don’t let yourself be surprised by any organisational matters during the exam.

  • Treat the week leading up to your exams as a normal “library-week”. Even though you are now studying at home, try to still wake up at the same time as you would when you would be studying in the library. Also, make sure to have the same ‘kinds’ of breaks in between studying. For example, take a little walk at lunch time (to replace your walk to the Spar). 

  • Set clear goals for every day. When studying at home, it is always quite tempting to take long breaks watching Netflix. If you set clear and realistic goals for each day of studying, you have something to work towards and if you’re done early, you can still treat yourself to some extra Netflix. 

  • Make sure to regulate your sleeping schedule in time for the exams and adjust to the specified times in which you’ll be having them. 

Doing your exams

  • Make sure you get rid of any distractions. Go to the bathroom before because you will not be able to leave your place

  • If you live with people like flatmates or even your family, let them know beforehand when your exams will be held and ask for silent times

  • Start on time, but make sure you also watch the clock

  • Turn on your camera and microphone

  • Have some water and healthy snacks beside

  • Tissues! You never know when you need them

  • Make sure your area is well lit.

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Written by:
  • Monica Panigrahy
  • Laura Zwiers
  • Athaya Putri
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| Published on: Jun 21, 2020