Masters abroad: Financial Computing at The University of Edinburgh

In this edition of Estimator, we interview Peter, a Quantitative Finance student at ESE, and an incoming University of Edinburgh student. We also intend to continue interviewing other students who decide on continuing their education abroad. 


Explain a little bit about your overall academic trajectory.

Firstly, I followed pre-university education, known in the Netherlands as the gymnasium (Natuur en Techniek en Natuur en Gezondheid). Afterwards, I attended ESE, studying Econometrie & Operationale between 2016 and 2019. Finally, in 2019, I began my masters in Quantitative Finance, also at ESE. Moving forward, I will attend a one-year masters program at the University of Edinburgh in Advanced Technology for Financial Computing. 


Why did you choose to pursue another master on top of your current one?

I wanted to further my knowledge beyond econometrics, dabbling into computer science. Given that my current degrees relate to quantitative finance, and have little to do with computer science, I saw financial computing as an achievable entryway into CS. 


Why, instead of pursuing another master in the Netherlands, did you decide to go to the University of Edinburgh?

Mostly for practicality reasons. In the Netherlands, the entry requirements for Computer Science graduate degrees are strict, which means I would need a pre-master. Dutch Computer Science Masters also take two years, meaning that I would need to study for three additional years. Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, I can finish my education in one year while studying Computer Science.  


Due to the Corona crisis, are your classes going to be online next year?

Lectures will be online, and tutorials will be in person. 


Tell me more about the application process? What did the admissions office require from you?  

I needed to send transcripts with my bachelor's and master's grades. Moreover, I had to write a motivation letter explaining why I chose this particular program. Lastly, they also required a recommendation letter from one of my teachers. 


Finally, how did you get interested in Computer Science?

During my exchange in Keio Univesity in Tokyo, I took a class called Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. I became interested in Computer Science ever since. 


Us from the estimator wish you, Peter, the best of luck in Edinburgh! 

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Written by:
  • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
| Published on: Sep 04, 2020