Meet the new board!

Amidst this crazy pandemic, FAECTOR has changed boards! It is time to welcome our 55th board. They are faced with new and unknown challenges yet they are determined to make sure we all have a good time despite the circumstances. If you're lucky enough to get a spot in the physical events, you'll come across these new faces. 

Daan van Regteren - President

Hi everyone, my name is Daan van Regteren, and this year I am the President of the 55th board of FAECTOR. My spirit animal is the albatross. These birds are able to fly for several months on end without worrying about anything in the world. However, a fun fact about me, I am not a huge fan of heights, so I will not be following an albatros into the air anytime soon. My favorite series on Netflix is, of course, Breaking Bad. This year we will face many challenges, which is both difficult and rewarding. I am looking forward to the events that will go on, and the fun times I will experience with the rest of my board. I hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Saskia de Jong - Secretary 

Hi my name is Saskia and I will be the Secretary of this year's board. I am very much looking forward to this year, even though there will be quite some extra challenges due to the current Covid situation. My spirit animal is definitely a sloth, as they always seem to be chilled out. However, a fun fact about me is that I am able to make a funny dolphin-like sound. For the past 7 years, I have been watching a Dutch soap opera series every day at 20:00 called ‘Goede tijden, slechte tijden’. Some people will say it is the worst, however I really enjoy it. Next year, I hope to be able to make sure that all of my committees can organise their events as safely and fun as possible. 

Carlijn Otto - Treasurer

Hi! I am Carlijn and I will be the Treasurer of the 55th board of FAECTOR. This summer I finished my bachelor and now I am looking forward to taking a break from all the studying and devoting my time to this board! My spirit animal is an otter as this is one of my nicknames and one of their main activities is eating (they eat 25% of their body weight every day!) which is something I also really enjoy ;). Something else which I also enjoy is watching series with friends. However, fun fact, as I do not have Netflix I have not really binge watched any series apart from the ones my friends like. This year, I hope to be able to organise amazing events for our members and next to that have a fun time with the rest of my board!

Maxime van Ruiten - Career Officer  

Hi! My name is Maxime and I am the Career Officer of the board of FAECTOR. This year, I will be responsible for organising the career events of FAECTOR, which I am really looking forward to. Despite the current situation, I am still excited about the new challenges that it brings, and I am sure that we will make the best of it! If I have to choose a spirit animal it would be a bee, as they are known to be always busy. On the other hand, I am really a ‘gezelligheidsdier’: I really like it to be around people and to have a chat. A fun fact about me is therefore that I participated in ‘Praatjesmakers’ (= Dutch television programme with kids who talk a lot) when I was a kid. A bad thing about me is that I don’t have Netflix, but I do have Videoland and I really like it to watch bad Dutch movies and series. Finally, I hope the coming lustrum year will be unforgettable with a lot of ‘gezelligheid’ and fun, and that we will all stay healthy!

Lotte van der Linden - Commercial Officer 

Hi! My name is Lotte and I will be the Commercial Officer of the 55th board of FAECTOR. I am very excited about the upcoming year and hope to make the best out of every situation. My spirit animal is an elephant because they see humans the way we see puppies. As I love puppies as well, this is a perfect match. My favorite series to binge on Netflix is Suits. It is a series I can watch over and over again. This year, I look forward to making it an unforgettable year with as many events as possible and an amazing business trip! 

Veronika Soloveva - Educational Officer 

Hey! My name is Veronika, I am this year’s Educational Officer of the board of FAECTOR and I come from Russia. Four years ago, I didn’t know anyone in The Netherlands and was unfamiliar with the concept of “study association”. Thanks to FAECTOR’s activities and committees, I made a lot of friends and Rotterdam became my other home (despite the absence of snow). This feeling of belonging is what I would love to give further to the FAECTOR members through doing a board year! This is also the reason why I am very looking forward to being in the Freshmen Committee for the 3rd time:) My spirit animal is dove, as it symbolises peace. My favourite Netflix series is Friends, however, I must admit that this is the only series I have ever watched on Netflix…. I hope that despite the unusual circumstances it will be an amazing year and we can all (FAECTOR members and the board) look back to unforgettable moments together!

Pieter van der Vleuten - Marketing & Innovation Officer

Hello, my name is Pieter and I am the Marketing & Innovation Officer of the board of FAECTOR. Last year, I finished my International Bachelor Econometrics. This year, I will commit myself to a full-time board year at FAECTOR which I am really looking forward to. My spirit animal would be a sheep, as it prunes everything. Last year, I ran the full marathon, so as you can tell, one of my hobbies is running. My favourite NETFLIX series is Casa de Papel, as I like the story and I used it to learn Spanish. I hope the corona pandemic will calm down soon, as this year is FAECTOR’s lustrum year in which we hope to organise many extraordinary events!


We wish the new board the best of luck and we hope you will overcome whatever is thrown your way this year! 

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| Published on: Oct 05, 2020