Welcommittees Part 1

In the beginning of the academic year, FAECTOR gained a lot of new active members. We would like to introduce them to you per committee! As we have so many new committees, we will introduce them in 2 parts. We asked the committees some questions to get to know them a bit better!

Alumni Committee

1. Briefly tell us what your committee does.
Well, what we do can easily be made up from our name as we organise events for our alumni. Our first event will be the speaker symposium in January and after that we will have two other amazing events. Furthermore, we have the chance to think about the FAECTOR Alumni Network strategy. But above all, we are all about having fun with, as highlight of the year, of course, Alumni goes platinum.

2. Who is the most competitive member?
Antal. He is, in his own words, 'gezellig competitive, but do we really believe that?

3. Who drinks the most coffee?

4. Who watches the most Netflix?
Nikki (we can see who the addict is here)

Poor thing, let her be. 

5. What made you decide to join this committee?

A force to be reckoned with. 

6. What FAECTOR events are you looking forward to?
Anything with human interaction

Ah AlumniCo, we all agree with you here...


Business Trip Committee

1. Briefly tell us what your committee does.
We will organise a business trip for a select group of 20 students during the spring break of 2021. We are very excited to explore the business culture of a location yet to be revealed. With various inhouse days in the Netherlands before the trip, participants get the opportunity to compare our Dutch business culture with a foreign one. Currently we are busy with the acquisition of the companies to visit during the trip. The location of this year’s trip will be announced in January! During the Business Trip, our main purpose is visiting interesting companies, but we will enjoy cultural activities too and ofcourse we will leave some free time to explore the city even further as well.

And they keep us guessing. 

2. Who is the most competitive member?
Laurens in the Bingo, but all the girls are very competitive otherwise. We have a game night next week so we will see how this turns out!

3. Who drinks the most coffee?
Lotte does not even drink coffee. Fay and Johannes (our night owls) definitely drink the most coffee

4. Who watches the most Netflix?
No time for Netflix, only our business.

Don't be fooled by the fun carnival outfits. They are all real businesspeople. 

5. What made you decide to join this committee?
That speaks for itself, who does not want to be in the Business Trip Committee?

6. What FAECTOR events are you looking forward to?
18th of January: The announcement of the Business Trip location
1st February: Info session of the Business Trip
March-April: The inhousedays in the Netherlands related to the Business Trip
April 25 - May 1: The Business Trip itself 
And of course the Active Members Weekend!!

A not-so-subtle overview of their agenda. Real businesspeople indeed. 


City Trip Committee

1. Briefly tell us what your committee does. 
Our (Isa, Diede, Joost and Carlijn) committee organizes the yearly city trip. This is an amazing trip to another city within Europe. You get to experience a different culture and the social life of a different city. Moreover, we organize the third years' day. 

We hope this year's trip is not Corona'ed. 

2. Who is the most competitive member?
Definitely Joost

3. Who drinks the most coffee?
Also Joost. Because the rest never drink coffee.

4. Who watches the most Netflix?
Diede, the rest do not have time to watch.

5. What made you decide to join this committee?
We wanted to organize this amazing city trip together, which will be a great experience. 

6. What FAECTOR events are you looking forward to?
City trip of course! (We do not forget AMW ;))




1. Briefly tell us what your committee does.
The Eerstejaarscommittee is responsible for organising many events for the Dutch first year Econometrics students as well as all other FAECTOR members. We just had our first event: a bingo and beer night. We hope everybody who was there enjoyed it!!! Our biggest event this year will be PINKWIN, the introduction camp for Dutch first year students. Next to these tasks, we manage the freshmen Instagram page together with the Freshmen Committee.

A great first event indeed!

2. Who is the most competitive member?

3. Who drinks the most coffee?

Bas, tell us about your special spice mix tea. He drinks many weird things. 

4. Who watches the most Netflix?

5. What made you decide to join this committee?
Bas: "I wanted to become Chairman of this committee because last year I really enjoyed being a member of the Freshmen Committee. I loved organising and attending all our events so I wanted to do it for another year :). Especially because last year the introduction weekend and some other events were cancelled, I hope to have the chance to experience them this year! I also wanted to remain an Active Member at FAECTOR, because it's super fun and you learn a lot."
Frank: "I joined FAECTOR because it seemed like a really nice group of people whom I can learn a lot from. I joined this committee because it is the perfect start at FAECTOR!"
Cyrill: "I wanted to organise lots of fun events while also getting to know many of my fellow students!"
Jens: "After hearing many and very enthusiastic stories from fellow FAECTORIANS, I knew this was a committee I just had to join."
Xamaica: " I wanted to join this committee to be a part of a group with lovely people and to see people having a lot of fun at the events we come up with!"
Roos: “Fun stories I heard from other Active Members made me want to also become one!” 
Lotte: “All the really cool stories other FAECTOR members told me made me want to join the Eerstejaarscommittee.”
Bart: “Because of the stories my Eurekaguides told me (who were also active members). They really hyped me up to join the EC!”

How cute

6. What FAECTOR events are you looking forward to?
We are looking forward most to PINKWIN, the introduction weekend we are organising for the next first years. We are going to make it the best one yet! 


Excellence Programme Committee

1. Briefly tell us what your committee does.
We organise this year's Excellence Programme which starts in January 2021. The programme is about Econometrics and Cybersecurity. We will explore different themes within cybersecurity and strategies that companies use to protect their valuable data. Currently we are meeting up with all these companies and professors to discuss what they can contribute to the programme: guest lectures, workshops and inhouse days. We really look forward to the programme!

We really like this choice of theme - very interesting!

2. Who is the most competitive member?
Isabel is the most competitive.

3. Who drinks the most coffee?
Ewout drinks the most coffee.

4. Who watches the most Netflix?

5. What made you decide to join this committee? 
We both joined this committee for several reasons. We thought it would be a very valuable experience to organize a programme like this and that it would be nice to meet new people and companies. Next to that, the committee is very small so you are really involved in everything that we do. Finally, the freedom we have in organizing the programme allows us to really focus on what we find interesting. 

We look forward to what you have in store for us :)

6. What FAECTOR events are you looking forward to?
Ewout really looks forward to the Lustrum beer tasting and Isabel looks forward to live events in the future, especially dinners.


FCP (FAECTOR Consultancy Project)


1. Briefly tell us what your committee does.
We are the FAECTOR Consultancy Project Committee. Throughout the year, we will be responsible for three projects within FAECTOR. First, we will organize the FAECTOR Consultancy Project. Stay on the lookout for that because we have some big ideas in the making. Second, we are responsible for the charity initiative of FAECTOR. Last, we will be trying to arrange as many good deals as possible for in the FAECTOR App, so if you haven’t downloaded it already, make sure to check the app/play-store!

2. Who is the most competitive member?
Robbert is definitely the most competitive. His recent karaoke performance already set the bar extremely high for the other committee members' performances.

When is your album coming out, Robbert?

3. Who drinks the most coffee?
The only person who actually likes coffee is Veerle. Even though she is not an addict (according to herself), she does like to take a coffee break every now and then.

4. Who watches the most Netflix?
Netflix... Who has time for that?! Well, apparently Hélène does, and her favorite series on the platform: The Blacklist!

5. What made you decide to join this committee?
We all have our unique reasons to be a part of this committee. That is what makes working together so interesting and fun!
Veerle: " Easy, this committee has everything! The opportunity to get in touch with big companies and consultants (huge plus: which you can choose yourself), set up a big project, contribute to charity and last but not least: arrange discounts at hotspots in Rotterdam (which again you can choose yourself, so you might find all of my favorite coffee spots in the FEACTOR App sooner or later)."
Hélène: "I wanted to work on a big project in a small group and I also wanted to learn more about consultancy."
Robbert: "First of all, I love organizing. Last year, I organized the FAECTOR/ESE Excellence Programme and that was a blast! Being a part of this committee allows me to use my organizational skills to create a project that gives people an insight into what kind of econometric applications exist outside of Finance ;) "

6. What FAECTOR events are you looking forward to?
Veerle: "Skitrip 2022. Or 2023. The next time it will be possible, I'll be there!"
Hélène: "The FAECTOR Consultancy Project!"
Robbert: "The Lustrum Gala at the end of this year. Shoutout to the Luco, my thoughts and prayers are with their canceled events..."

Hélène's back must hurt from carrying the committee's promotions by herself. 

Watch out for part 2 of Welcommittees to read about the other committees at FAECTOR!

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