The Best Coffee in Rotterdam

Coffee: the one part of your day that can never do you wrong (unless you’re at the library and the machine has broken down yet again - but there is little risk of that these days). Since the lockdown started, us students have been constantly looking for things to do during the day, and what better excuse to get out of the house than for coffee? The Estimator has got you covered with a walk around Rotterdam to get fresh coffee from the best places in town. Below, we list cafes with some of our favourite drink suggestions that are definitely worth a visit.

The Coffee Company


Beyond a shadow of doubt, The Coffee Company certainly has to be one of the best places to get coffee in Rotterdam. With branches in both Meent and Eendrachtsplein, their coffee is a must try. They have several different options to choose from, and my personal favourite certainly has to be their Flat White. Made with the perfect proportion of steamed milk and espresso, this divine combination will certainly leave you yearning for that second round. Their lattes are surely not to be left overlooked either. It’s perfect for those who love to indulge in some frothy smooth milk with their coffee all while maintaining the main essence of the rich coffee flavour. In conclusion, you must be on your way to Meent or Eendrachtsplein now.

De Schone Lei


One of the most popular places in Rotterdam to go for a walk might be the area around the Kralingse Plas. An all time favorite to take a break from your walk around the lake is De Schone Lei. Apart from the beautiful view you have of the breathtaking skyline of Rotterdam while you order a coffee, the coffee they serve is incredibly tasty as well. Especially if you are a big fan of lattes with a hazelnut or caramel flavour, this cafe is a must try. Furthermore, this cafe serves delicious homemade banana bread. Highly recommended!

Dudok in Het Park

Dudok has become a real phenomenon in Rotterdam because of their great assortment of homemade cakes and pies. However, many people do very much like the coffee they serve as well. This cafe offers a big diversity of coffees, from a simple black coffee to flat whites or an ice coffee. “Dudok in Het Park” is one of the most extraordinary affiliates. Perhaps because it is situated in a monumental building originating from 1750 in the middle of the park in the city center of Rotterdam. From this cafe you have a great view over the entire park and of course over the Euromast. The cafe is open for takeaway from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am till 4pm.



Located in our favorite street, Witte de Withstraat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Hopper’s coffee is a must try. This cozy local cafe has most of the essentials along with some really nice snacks, pastries and small meals. While it’s not always easy to find good banana bread in Rotterdam, Hopper definitely fills the gap with its flavourful warm bread. Even though its cute and simple interior can't be taken advantage of for studying amidst this lockdown, it is surely still worth a visit! 

Bagels & Beans


The infamous Bagels & Beans not only has scrumptious bagels but also strikingly delicious coffee. Pictured above is their cappucino which was so good that I had to visit once more the next day to have another. Located right in front of the Markthal and also several other locations throughout the city, it's a perfect stop during your walk to get a fresh warm cup of coffee. And with spring right around the corner, an iced coffee is surely the way to go.  

Douwe Egberts


The one and only Dutch Douwe Egberts was impossible to exclude. They certainly have a great selection of drinks and are also very accessible to visit. With branches at the Markthal, Central Station and Binnenrotte, they live by the mantra that location is key. Although I wouldn’t rank its Flat White higher than that of The Coffee Company or Hopper, it’s still gratifying enough to include. However, they surely have one of the best iced lattes and Americanos in Rotterdam! 

Cafe Steijn


This cafe situated on the Nieuwe Binnenweg is a very nice spot to stop for a coffee. What makes this place different from other cafes is the fact that it is situated in the West of Rotterdam. This neighborhood is often not very well explored by students. Therefore, it is really nice to walk by this cafe and discover the surroundings. The cafe lies along the Heemraadsplein where you can take a break and enjoy daily life happening around you. The cafe serves the most delicious cappuccinos. Besides, you can also try one of their delicious bites. 

UB Library


Of course, we couldn't exclude the one and only library coffee machine that has kept us all going through dreary days. Feeling nostalgic? Reserve a library spot a day before and visit this remarkable coffee stand (perhaps also study but we'll leave that up to you). All in all, it definitely has its shortcomings, but will forever remain sacred in our hearts. 

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| Published on: Mar 22, 2021