Euro 2020

The European Championships - a time when countries come together, people unite and we can all enjoy hating on one another. After a year of delay, it is the perfect event to mentally lead us back to our normal, pre-Covid lives. Whether you’re a die hard fan or new to football, we’ve listed one thing to know about each team, so we can all better understand the games, which kick off today with Italy taking on Turkey at 21:00. 

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We finish off our series of sports-themed articles with the 16th edition of the men’s UEFA European Championships. It was originally supposed to be held last year, where it would have been the perfect celebration for the 60 year anniversary of the European Championships. However, a certain disease got in the way. To save rebranding costs and ensure UEFA can maximise its income, the tournament this year is still called the Euro 2020. This year, we will make up for lost time and fun, as we have 11 different countries hosting the event. This European Championship will also be the first where they use the VAR (video assistant referee) system, making the French look into some more serious acting classes for their players. All jokes aside, we are very excited to see where this one goes. I’m personally not only excited about the matches, but also to see that one player breaking Covid restrictions, those two coaches fighting or simply sitting there and looking up net worths. Below, we’ve listed some of the teams for you. Read on at your own discretion and don't forget to turn off your "taking offense" sensors. After all, this is just football.  



Even though Albania has not qualified, we will still have a chance to see double-headed eagles in the tournament. 

Xherdan Shaqiri and Granit Xhaka - Retrieved from Twitter


England will, for the 27th time, sing “It's coming home.” Our question is, when will it ever be home? 

Retrieved from Washington Post


Belgium really is the best team out there, if only they could pick a language to communicate with their teammates in. 

Retrieved from the holy land of Reddit


Adding famous Algerian cameraman Karim Benzema to the final team, France will try to bring the second consecutive major trophy back home.

Retrieved from UEFA


Never missing a single Euro and generally accepted as a football giant, the Finnish national team is predicted to qualify for the finals.

Perkele! - Photo by AFP


Being written in the Euro books as absolutely undefeated, the Danish national team can make a fairy tail in a good old Hans Christian Andersen’s tradition. This time however, Denmark will be missing its glorious Lord.

For those of you who followed football before 2016 - Credits to the original meme-maker 


Fernando Santos, Portugal's second coach in the Euros, will try to lead the country to its 2nd consecutive win in the Euros.

A passionate and hyped up Cristiano Ronaldo takes over Santos' job - retrieved from the internet

The Netherlands

Former legend of Crystal Palace and currently the head coach of the Oranje, Frank de Boer will show his phenomenal coaching talents in the continental tournament.

The Dutch team's secret to success - retrieved from Smulweb


In the same group with bitterballen eaters is Ukraine with its legendary coach Andriy Shevchenko. The young talented team wants to finally lose and break the vicious winning streak at Euro 2021, something they could not achieve since 2012.

Ukraine's controversial kit - photo by BBC


Former Olympic winners in Skiing, Biathlon, Athletics, and Footb…, Russia will try to set an example of a team with the clearest reputation in the tournament.

Retrieved from Peace Palace Library


It will be exciting to see Turkey in one of the only European competitions they (still) partake in. 

Here is a random Turkish ice cream man, because we were unable to find noteworthy achievements in Turkish football - retrieved from Laughing Squid


This tournament will be the last for Germany's head coach Sir Joachim Low, who will try to lead a new generation of Die Mannschaft to success. Among his other achievements are meeting with her majesty the Queen.

Joachim Low, pictured alone in the top left, shot to prominence for an activity unrelated to football. Our deepest sympathies. - Retrieved from Starecat


Although Italy has already filled the quota of winning contests that start with the word Euro this year, head coach Roberto Mancini will try to relive some glorious moments in Italian footballing history.

Italian rock band Måneskin won the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam last month - Retrieved from Twitter


The Spanish team, nicknamed La Furia Roja or the red fury, will be excluding the founding team members of the failed capitalist money grab franchise Super League. Coach Luis Enrique will show the world his modern tiki-taka, a style of football which helped Spain achieve its global dominance in the late 2000s, winning consecutive Euros and the FIFA World Cup in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Don't miss out on entertaining football press conferences! - Retrieved from BeIn sports

North Macedonia

The only Macedonia to qualify for the Euros this year, debutant and 37-year-old national legend Captain Goran Pandev will lead the underdogs.  

Retrieved from AP News


Inundated by glorious players from world famous clubs such as Rakow Czestochowa and Chicago Fire, Poland will also add a young and upcoming striker from a rather unknown team which goes by the name of Bayern Munich. 

10 year old Robert Lewandowski sure showed potential, but in the wrong jersey - Retrieved from SuccessStory


Marred by an injury to their most glorious player, the Blågult will still try to stick to its impressive statistics in the group stages of the Euros.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was kind enough to let us use his picture - Retrieved from ScoopNest


The country with the most beautiful British accent and the largest population, Wales is expected to receive shear support from golf lovers worldwide.

Gareth Bale, Wales' star player, may be looking for a career change - Retrieved from The Sun

Czech Republic

The only serious threat Finland is expected to face in the final is the Czech Republic, which has an outstanding record in the Euro finals.

We expect more amusing fan paraphernalia - Retrieved from CzechFootballFans


Notoriously famous for stealing all the seashores from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia is defined as a team that may create a miracle, akin to their opening match against Brazil in the 2014 World Cup, something I am still salty about.

Retrieved from AmusingPlanet


Tired of winning at major finals, Austria may try to take it easy this year, as they have nothing left to prove in terms of football. 

Austria's best achievement is placing 3rd in the 1954 World Cup - Retrieved from Pantheon


Being the only place where Scotland can compete independently of England, no wonder the Scots love football. 

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will be happy to wave the Scottish flag - Retrieved from Al Jazeera


The country with the greatest number of castles per capita will show its superiority in the defensive game. 

Retrieved from EcoBNB


A bit of a dark horse, we hope the Magyar labdarúgó-válogatott will surprise us. Even though the days of Ference Puskàs are long gone, we hope you will watch out for the Magyar labdarúgó-válogatott

The most notable Hungarian creation, the Rubik's Cube - Retrieved from Reddit

Happy viewing!

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