Estimator in Quarantine (Again)

Last year, the Estimator covered the beginning of Covid-19, and our experiences in quarantine. More than a year later, the pandemic is still around and cases are still rising, though we now have vaccines and quarantine restrictions imposed in countries are less harsh than last year. Nonetheless we provide a snippet of our lives in this pandemic-infused frency, and for the more exotic members of our committee, what international travel and quarantine looks like at this point in time. 


My quarantine this summer will mainly be spent in the Netherlands. Since the exam week is finally over, the weather has not been amazing. Surprise. However, the rules have been adapted in such a way that we were able to go out for a week again. I have made most of it and went to as many cafes and bars as possible. I expected it to be so weird to be partying again, but actually it felt like we have never been gone. Unfortunately, the rules have been tightened again. So it is more like a quarantaine now :).  In a few weeks hopefully we will travel to Italy for two weeks. Excited! Until then, I am really enjoying going to hot spots in the Netherlands. Last week I went to Artis, a Zoo in Amsterdam. Recommended! I am also planning on going to the gym more often, but that is not going too well. By the way, if you are looking for a new quarantaine hobby, try painting by number! I love it.



As a globetrotting writer, Covid-19 has not been kind to me this summer. Having to comply with a mandatory 10-day quarantine in the United Arab Emirates almost made me lose my mind and by the time this quarantine was up, it was time for resits 🙃. I don’t really have any interesting stories from this quarantine so let me tell you the story of Modoc, a captive elephant and her human friend Bram. Modoc and Bram were born on the same day and even at the same hour and share an inexplicably special connection. Being from a family of German ethical circus trainers, Bram treats Modoc with care and even refuses to part with the mammoth creature when the circus is sold off to an American company. En route across the Atlantic, the ship is caught in a storm and Bram and Modoc escape to India, famed for its elephants and elephant-caretakers. Despite assimilating in India to avoid the circus company, Bram and Modoc are discovered and Modoc is poisoned and tortured until she is no longer fit to perform. Modoc is sold off without Bram’s knowledge and it is not until several years later that he reunites with her. Modoc is one of numerous animals around the world who are abused to serve their sadistic masters. If you want to know this true story in greater detail, I recommend reading the book Modoc by Ralph Helfer, a Hollywood animal trainer who rescues Modoc.

Why did I tell this seemingly random story? For those who don’t know, I’m from India. Someone once asked me if I went to school on elephants and I thought it was utterly ridiculous that in this day and age of information, someone could be so ignorant. However, human ignorance knows no bounds and it is alarming how many people are unaware of animal cruelty to this day. Elephants are one of the most mistreated species despite being gentle giants, and zoos and circuses are notorious for exploiting them. Next time you visit a zoo or circus, make sure you know what your money is being used for. 



Just moved to Rotterdam so I’m currently too busy exploring the city and getting used to this mess of a climate so bye!


As the academic year was drawing to an end, I swore that I would not lose another summer to Covid-19. I still remember the very last tutorial of block 5, I had long given up listening to the TA and was instead looking for apartments to rent in Florence, and the TA asked me why I was not paying attention. I was so tired that I could not even come up with a decent lie, so I told the truth. Everyone was amused and we had a decent laugh about it. But booking that trip kept me focused during the exam week of block 5 (especially when studying for Intermediate Accounting), having something to look forward to is rather motivating as well as reassuring when faced with such a boring and daunting task. Fast forward a month and I have already left Florence and I am now in Venice, writing this paragraph while daydreaming about the dish I am going to eat for lunch. And the coffee I am going to drink. And the pièce de resistance, the capri. And then my beauty nap. But I have to run now, I am starving. Ciao! 

By next week I will have returned from this trip and will still have around three more weeks of holiday. I might go on a car tour in Scotland if the quarantine restrictions are lifted for EU citizens. Any other recommendations? Nonetheless, here’s a pic from Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence, at sunset.



Winter 2017 went quite fruitfully for me. I realized how important it is to be in an arctic country such as Azerbaijan, where Venus would shine as if the sun is falling under the ultra-galactical gravitational force of millennials who only care about their ADHD. Sadly, this story did not help to get an exemption from military service, and I successfully will be enlisted after the completion of my studies. Hence, I am planning to further deepen my knowledge in astrology (very strange to hear it from such a gorgeous sign as Aries) to be able to set free as a true Libertarian.  Speaking of which, it might be a mere coincidence, but my phone started having a stronger signal of 5G waves after my vaccine. All those haters and anti-vax, guys I have never seen at such a speed, it is totally worth it. Reading all of these, you might ask how can this person be a member of such a massive media resource at Erasmus? Guys, just vaccinate, the internet is amazing!


For the record, FAECTOR does not endorse drugs in any form. Stay away, kids!


My summer break started off with positive news. And unfortunately, by that I mean a positive corona test result. So there flew by 10 days of self quarantine in Rotterdam, which were interestingly spent lying in bed, reading, eating frozen pizza, and literally sleeping the days away. And now being back home in Erbil for the summer break, I’m in the middle of yet another massive coronavirus outbreak. Of course, that only means I hardly get to go out and see friends and family. Might I add, we have to endure 48 degree weather so that rules out leaving the indoors for even a split second. However on a positive note, no not another positive test result this time, I have finally started my internship. That along with my driving and piano classes keep me quite preoccupied. This basically sums up my uneventful summer. Until our next article, tot ziens!!



One thing I can guarantee you is that going to Warsaw with friends was time well spent. The city is beautiful and easy to navigate with public transport. Everything is much cheaper as well, going out to eat every day and trying all of the great restaurants is a must. Besides all that, the city’s nightlife will not make you go broke, as drinks are also a lot cheaper and bars will often even give you a shot for free when you walk in. Go to Warsaw!!

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