Welcommittees (Part 5)

A new academic year means lots of new faces at the Faector office. But compared to the last few years where you got to know the committee members better, we wanted to know what you can expect from them this year. Oh, and to add onto the eternal rivalry between the Eerstejaars and Freshmen Committee, we have them compete for the title ‘capable’ and everlasting fame. Well, if this isn’t going to be exciting...


Alumni Committee


What do you do to attract and maintain alumni?

We think the most important thing is to keep up with recent developments within the interests of our alumni community. Next to this we also organise events to maintain the social contacts between graduated students.


What do you like most about the alumni? 

The stories and experiences that they can share with the students and each other.


Do you already have any ideas to compensate for last year?

We would like to organise lots of physical events without COVID-measures.


What is a special talent of your committee?

Collect stripes for being late. And the dress up with Opposuits of course!


Business Trip Committee


Which companies or cities would you like to visit in the future?


Tokyo, Sydney, Sao paulo, Boston


SpaceX, Shell, Apple, Gazprom


What do you think is the most challenging part about your committee?



How is your relationship with the companies and what do you have to offer them? 

The relationships are still in development, but we do have the BEST students in the world plus gezelligheid to offer them. So we are sure it will all work out fine.


What is a special talent of your committee?

The BADT is our special talent, furthermore we are very good at going for a relaxing walk during our meetings.


City Trip Committee


Even though it is considered as one of the best trips ever, what kind of feedback or innovations do you want to implement for this year’s trip?

 This is a difficult question as we didn’t go on a City Trip for two years in a row and in the last two years a lot has changed. What we can say is that we are looking at every possibility ;).


What are your preferences for this year’s city and will Covid measures take a big part in the final decision?

We want to make the reveal as exciting as we can so that’s why we are not saying anything about our preferences. About Covid, of course it has influence on our decisions, mainly because situations can change rapidly as we see in The Netherlands. We try to anticipate problems that can occur in such a way that there is nothing that can go wrong. At least, we make a few different scenarios.


What would be the ideal location if there weren’t any restrictions concerning Covid or money?

Rio de Janeiro, New York or Tokyo. This is due to the infinite money we would have without restrictions.


What is a special talent of your committee?

We all can cook amazing, which is very nice during the committee chillings :).


Faector Consultancy Project (FCP) Committee


What projects are you currently working on?

As the name of our committee suggests, we are busy with setting up the FAECTOR Consultancy Project next to setting up Charity events and looking for deals for the FAECTOR App.


What are your goals for these projects?

Of course we would like all of our projects to be very successful, especially the FAECTOR Consultancy Project!


What is the best thing about this committee?

The best thing is that we all have other perspectives to bring into play this year due to our background. We have a second-year, third-year and master student which makes sure that we always come up with different ideas and solutions.


What is a special talent of your committee?

We as the FAECTOR Consultancy Project committee are working hard to set up great consultancy projects for our members. We aim to provide some experience in consulting and show the practical use of studying econometrics while being trained by amazing companies who are excited to teach you about their work. Furthermore our committee will provide our members with deals in the FAECTOR App and set up multiple charity initiatives. The first of these charity initiatives is already coming up in a few weeks, so keep your eyes open for that, and we hope to meet you there! Lastly, our committee has  a very special talent for painlessly cracking and dislocating bones, so if you are ever interested in this (or our projects), please come to see us!


Estimator Committee


How will you increase the number of students that read your articles?

Well, there are two points we want to improve. On one hand, we are working together with the marketing committee to promote our articles more. On the other hand, we are working on some really interesting articles that are not only fun to read but also educational.


How do you implement the feedback of other econometrics students and readers?

Of course, you have to listen to what the readers think of your articles. We still need to implement a way in which we can receive constructive feedback from the readers of our articles. Once we do, we’ll certainly discuss them in our meetings and incorporate them in our next articles. 


What do you want to improve this year?

Our main goal is to publish more articles, at least two a week. And, compared to last year due to the Covid measures, focus more on the things that are happening in Rotterdam and have more interactive articles. 


What is a special talent of your committee?

Obviously, very talented writers ;) But also certainly showing up on time seems to be our greatest feat. Also, Giedre ran the Rotterdam Marathon!!


Internal Activities Committee


What activities are you currently working on?

Currently we are working on the cycling dinner for active members on the 23rd of november. The theme is Taco Tuesday!! Make sure to sign up, two free drinks are included ;)


Which activities are you most looking forward to?

The Active Member Weekend of course!! The active member day is also always exciting.


What do you have to offer for non-active Faector members?

Nothing, except for our gezelligheid.


What is a special talent of your committee?

One of our committee members is very good at Foosball. Up for a game?


IT Committee


Which committees are you currently most involved with?

I am currently most involved with the IT committee, as I am the chair of the committee. 


What creative ideas do you want to succeed this year?

We have got a raspberry Pie which we do not know yet how to work with. I am looking forward to getting to know more about the device and creating some cool projects with it.


What is the most important thing you want to get done this year?

We have some pretty exciting projects which you can write an article about later this year when we finish them, let's catch up then alright?


What is a special talent of your committee?

Our special talent is definitely making problems more complicated than they are in practice. 


Marketing Committee


What do you like about the marketing committee?

Obviously, the MarCo is a big committee (8 members!), so this makes it very gezellig. It also allows us to express our creativity since we are given a lot of creative freedom in creating things like the almanac. Lastly, everything we do is very visible so it is very exciting to be able to see our creations everywhere on social media etc. 


How do you choose a theme for the Almanac?

Usually the almanac theme is related to the board year, which is 56 this year. So we start by brainstorming about this number and finding topics related to it. This brainstorming session mostly consists of googling the number 56 and finding a lot of useless facts about it until we stumble upon some good ideas which we then further research and explore.


Do you have other ways or ideas to promote the events than the traditional ways?

There is a very unique and interesting advertisement technique called forehead advertising, where you get a (temporary) tattoo on your forehead to promote something. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please hit us up and maybe soon you’ll be promoting faector events yourself! It would look something like this:



What is a special talent of your committee?

As we found out at the first active member drink, we are all extremely good at the drinking game ‘vingeren’(fingering in English). Especially Ettina and Jesse are very good at keeping a straight face during this game. Another talent we have is that we (so far) always show up on time for our meetings. However, this might actually be due to the fact that we have set up a punishment rule for being late.

Eerstejaars and Freshmen Committee


And last but not least, the quiz of quizzes. But first we had to know their special talent.

Freshmen Committee: “Puking.”

Eerstejaars Committee: “Being better than the FC.”

The best puke contest will likely not be held now but probably at a new Faector event. But right now, useful knowledge is key. And we do the quiz in the style of the famous Dutch television programme ‘With the knife on table’. So here are the questions:

  1. Finish this sequence

398 = 964

118 = 164

356 = 936 

219 = ?

  1. Which music tone does flushing the toilet produce? 

  2. How often does the word ‘Rotterdam’ appear in the song ‘De Allermooiste Rotstad’? 

  3. How many marbles are in this bottle?WLDTqvD44t4CwbETjZNP7WeLD21he0TU34LM_nE2VmvQDLHeTeV8JAbMn2w815qNYmN-1O4c_pxESuFEQ2LE9FT2bGksHwL0rd2UoqbkmF9yBaNt9tnq85EnENYaSrfBpOyAD_Rw

And here are the final results:




And we have a winner! And it clearly shows what the FC is really better at: losing.



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| Published on: Nov 08, 2021