Traversing Through Master Degrees at ESE

The end of their bachelor degree will have econometric students facing a very wide and complex variety of career options: from getting a job to taking a gap year to studying a language, among many others. One of those options is also, of course, to complete a 1-year master degree in the Netherlands or abroad. If you find yourself interested in getting a feel for some different masters offered or would simply like to learn about some different programs related to your field, you have come to the right place. In this list, we provide you with some of the masters offered in the Erasmus School of Economics of particular interest to econometric students.

Analytics and Operations Research in Logistics

If you have enjoyed optimization-focused courses during your bachelor's, you should take interest in this master programme. Designed to help students become experts in “logistics, supply chain management or workforce optimisation.”

The one-year programme consists of lectures, seminars and a thesis in which you focus on Operations Research problems. For example, you will work on rostering the maintenance engineers at KLM. 

If you are interested please consider going to the university webpage using the link below:


Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing

If you are interested in working in consumer-based problems through analytical lenses, you should definitely consider quantitative marketing. In this programme you will learn how to use econometric models to study consumer behaviour, even implementing machine learning processes. Some of the questions that you will be able to tackle are:

  • How to predict which TV show an individual will watch and for how long?

  • How can we use the text of conversations to understand the areas in which a chatbot can be improved?

  • What impact does price have on online shopping?



If you wish to continue exploring the links between economic theory and quantitative analysis, you should consider this master. Take advantage of our own leading research institution; the Econometric Institute founded by Jan Tinbergen. In it, you will go beyond topics explored in the econometric courses such as linear regression or time-series analysis. 

If you wish to continue the task set out in your bachelor of applying mathematics to economic data, this is the programme for you.


Quantitative Finance

If you are interested in the financial market and its private or governmental institutions you should certainly consider this master. Combining econometric methods with finance, it is a challenging mathematical intensive master that allows you to put these econometric models and techniques to practice.

Some of the questions tackled in the seminars were:

  • Is it possible to improve the investment strategy of pension funds, in an environment with very low interest rates and large changes in regulations?

  • How to hedge interest rate risk for corporate bonds?

  • Can we exploit the information in limit order book data for high-frequency algorithmic trading?

If you are looking to work in the financial sector, this master bridges the gap between the theoretical econometrics courses from your bachelor and the practical approaches of econometric techniques needed for a successful career in quantitative finance. 

We hope that this condensed list will aid in your inquiry of the different econometrics related masters offered at ESE :)

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