Less than 48 hours to salvage the 2022 Valentines! Come get your tips here

The pressure is on, only two days left until the dinner reservation shortage epidemic. Grab your phones and rapidly dial your partner’s favourite restaurant. One minor issue though, you don’t really have a partner. But wait, don’t assume this is another typical article making you feel left out of all the euphoria of Valentine’s Day. We are not here to dwell on the problem but to ensure its resolution. 

May I share a little secret with you? We’ve all been there before. Now let’s be proactive, what can one do to salvage an ‘allegedly’ unsalvageable situation in less than 48 hours? 

  • Be positive and optimistic: If one radiates positive energy, who wouldn't want to be around them?

  • Try compromising and lowering your expectations: Perhaps your dream partner is still in the making or is a “diamond in the dirt that ain’t been found”

  • Send Valentine’s cards to everyone in your contacts: Don't forget to remove family members though!


  • Update your photo collection: Take some photos that stand out and are unique, maybe in front of the Markthal…                             


  • Try some trustworthy pickup lines:

  1. Do you know the melting point of a human heart? I don’t know about others but for me, it’s your smile

  2. I think we should cancel the alphabet, U and I should be together.

  3. Charizard is red, Squirtle is blue, if you were a Pokemon, I would choose you!

  4. Can you describe the way to your heart?

  5. This beauty can't be real, I think I'm dreaming. Can you pinch me?

Advice from other Estimator members:

  • “Leave notes with your phone number on all of your favourite tables in library or Polak, and hope that someone’s curiosity will eventually connect you two”

  • “Arrange a stress blind date dinner”

  • “Get on all the dating apps and swipe right like your life depends on it”

  • “Post on the EUR confessions page searching for Valentine's date”

  • “Host a singles event”

  • Prepare a Powerpoint presentation about why you would make an excellent Valentine and display it on Markthal.

  • “Collectively agree that red shoelaces act as a signal for being single and ready to mingle”

Even after all this advice, if you couldn’t find a date then there is only one thing you can do: Spend the 14th of February as a loner. Here’s a list of things you should do to be a proper lone wolf!

7 Valentine's Day Behaviours of Singles

  1. Start smear campaigns saying “Bro, Valentine’s Day is a money trap.”


  1.  Try to create the image of hanging out with someone that none of your friends know.


  1.  Anti-tweet to those who tweet Valentine’s Day themed photos.


  1. Stalk what their exes are doing.


  1.  Go out with your other single friends and say things like: “How wonderful that we are alone”, “Who would need a Valentine, when you have a bottle of wine?”   fERQWpN7dcqZGn7D16QocOslhWRrdoZNNwq8Wg4tjyTYE5ChBanxGvq4zjNu_1JXIdjYdjUMem5WHftrOaJ27dzHZ-6k_xVv3nUhtbFggzQgkAceEG1sJdqSc6MOl_MG6rqxFOz3

  2. Try to have a nice night by saying “I am my biggest admirer” and buy yourself a gift. (Which this author supports and all for it!!)


  1. Go to places alone and have flirtatious tours. (Wohoo hail to all the single ladies- Beyonce) 


Unfortunately as you might've already concluded, we're no relationship experts here. But we still hope that our "tips" managed to help you lay a hold of the Valentine of your dreams and otherwise, spend it the right way alone ;) 

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Written by:
  • Begyum Akyol
  • Orestis Tziapouras
| Published on: Feb 12, 2022