Welcommittees (Part 6)

January 2022 came with new opportunities for the enthusiastic econometrics students. FAECTOR had opened applications for new committees! Estimator sends a warm welcome to all the new members and looks forward to getting to know each other better! We asked several questions to get insight about the new committees. Presenting you: Estimator, Event, Ski trip, Eurekaweek, Econometric Career Day and FAECTOR Research Project Committees.

Events Committee

How would other committees describe your committee?

We hope other committees will describe us as a fun, gezellige and social committee. We are very sweet to our leerling Stein and also good at organising best FAECTOR events ever. last but not least; good in drinking so we would like to be challenged!

Following the easing of restrictions, do you have any upcoming events?

We just heard that we are able to organise the Lustrum Beer Cantus in the largest way possible on 11 March because of the latest relaxations. Next to that, you can experience our first amazing event at the second year’s day where we organise a casino night with chique theme and cocktails at the bar.  

Which activities are you most looking forward to?

This question is hard to answer for us because we are looking forward to the whole year but of course we are really looking forward to the Lustrum beer cantus. We also can not wait for the closing party to end this year with a bang. 

If you are to have a committee chilling night, what will you do? 

We will teach our youngest Stein how to cook and how to use a garlic press. Also, it is our goal to chug a beer the fastest during Active Member Weekend so we need to practice a lot! Our youngest will teach the rest, teamwork makes the dreamwork. 


Econometric Career Days Committee

How would other committees describe your committee?

The ECD is typically known for being a “serious” committee. This makes sense because next to all participating students we also have a great responsibility to all participating companies. However, this doesn’t mean that the ECD itself, and all the organisation of it, can't be considered fun.

Have you already thought of companies you would like to invite next year?

Each year we try to improve the possibilities for students to develop their preferences on the job market. Therefore we put effort into increasing both the amount and variety of participating companies but we don’t have concrete examples yet.

As a committee with a serious mission, what would you like to say to the ones that don't consider you as fun?

Because we as a committee work more intensely and for a longer period of time we can develop a greater kind of friendship. This results in all our activities and time spent being more fun!

What is the most embarrassing moment of your committee?

We as a committee have only been together for three weeks and so far nothing really embarrassing has happened yet. We are all joining the Active Members Weekend and we can’t imagine that nothing embarrassing will happen there. 


Estimator Committee

How would other committees describe your committee?

Nerds, visionaries, intelligent, career-building,  always down to chug a beer, boundary pushing, perspective opening!

What does Estimator plan to do to interact more with your readers?

We are trying to write about recent things that might affect everyone in the future such as NFTs. We’ll be giving more space to more engaging articles, more questionnaires to see what the readers really want from us. Also, we are thinking of ways to promote the committee on campus.

What makes Estimator articles better than any association journal?

We are not getting paid, we are people like you, and specifically cater to econometrics students. 

If you are to reenact a film, what would that film be?


What is the most challenging part of being in Estimator?

Several things including: meeting the deadlines, being on time for meetings, finding the hidden word in our meeting minutes:)


Skitrip Committee

How would other committees describe your committee?

We’re a very diverse group of people, with every study year represented. Very sporty yet also gezellig

What are the activities you organise during apres-ski hours?

That’s something you’ll only be able to find out if you join! But we guarantee that it’ll be a lot of fun. 

When deciding on where to organise the ski-trip what do you prioritise?

A good slope for everyone and great après ski bars that are not too overpriced. 

If you were to organise a summer trip, where would you take us to?

To go water skiing in the south of France! To us the entire year is supposed to be reserved for training to skiing . 

If you had to choose between snowboarding or skiing, what would each member choose?

We all know that skiing is the only way!! Besides Alinda of course, who sadly prefers slowly rolling down the hill.


Eurekaweek Committee

How would other committees describe your committee?

Dynamic, enthusiastic, fun, easy-going

What will be different from the previous years in the upcoming Eureka week?

Since we are first Eurekaweek committee we will be more organised and plan more activities

What is the main goal of the Eureka week Committee this year?

Our main goal this year is to organise the best Eurekaweek in history, and as a result make FAECTOR the most popular study association :)

Tell us a fun fact about your committee that no one knows?

More than half of the committee didn’t even have a normal Eurekaweek, and our chairman didn’t even attend! 


FAECTOR Research Project Committee

 How would other committees describe your committee?

“What committee?” 

As a committee with a career focused goal, what would you like to say to the ones that don't consider you as fun?

We have the best of both worlds. What part of a trip outside Europe is not fun? 

If you are to have a committee chilling night, what will you do?

Having a yummy dinner, of course, clubbing, and drinking jager bombs except for Johannes because he is way too old for this. 

What makes FRP  so appealing for the new members?

The beautiful combination of career-based opportunities and high amount of fun with the best people you can ever meet. 


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| Published on: Feb 17, 2022