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“How can a city be like a fairy tale?” The answer to the question is hidden in the city of Brugge! A very romantic, extremely sweet and complete medieval city that looks like a movie frame in every detail. The more diplomatic and distant Brussels is, the warmer Brugge is. Like something straight out of a fairy tale. It is one of the perfect cities for a 2-3 day getaway, where you can wander unplanned and get lost in its streets.

If you also like to spend time in small but nurturing cities like we do, read more to see what to do and places to visit in our perfect weekend getaway suggestion.

Note: After reading this article, definitely watch the movie "In Brugge" to see the city itself.  It’s an estimator guarantee to enjoy it and have you imagine yourself there :)


Taking a direct train to Brugge is unfortunately not possible. But don’t worry just yet, we have an easy fix. First, you must enter a Belgian city. An option is to buy a ticket from Rotterdam Centraal to Noordenkempen, and then take the train to Brugge. In total, it will take an average of 26 euros and 3 and a half hours. Taking the train becomes quite handy for a one-day trip. 

However, a cheaper option exists by taking a Flixbus from Rotterdam to Brugge for an average of 15 euros, for just another hour of travel time! Make sure to check the websites of NS International and Flixbus and reserve a ticket beforehand for cheaper fares!

Also, if you want to stay an extra night to discover Brugge more, there are plenty of choices of accommodation ranging from 55 to 100 euros. If you are going as a crowded group, the most logical thing will be to rent a hostel. Snuffel Hostel is one of the most popular hostels in Brugge and it is known for its clean rooms. Hotel Camelias also offers one of the cheapest alternatives for 2 people, charging 55 euros for a double room.



Specialties of Brugge are its delicious chocolate and large variety of beers. Starting the day with delicious waffles from “Chez Albert '' and trying the Flemish cuisine in “Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan” are some of the musts in Brugge. De Halve Maan is known for its extremely long (nearly 3 kms) pipe between the brewery and its bottling plant. The brewery produces “Brugse Zot '', one of Brugge’s delicacies. It is a must try and the brewery offers hundreds of options ready to be explored.

Most importantly, don’t forget to buy some chocolate from the local chocolatiers. “Le Comptoir de Mathilde” is the most popular one, but it is strongly recommended to discover Brugge’s fascinating streets. The chocolate shop “Verheecke” includes a large variety of chocolates and chocolate coated products if you like to taste all kinds of chocolate.


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There are certain spots Brugge is known for, which attract millions of tourists from all around the world every year. You must check these out!!

· The Market Square: The Market Square (Markt) which forms the city square, is like a movie set. The clock tower named Belfry of Brugge can be seen in all its glory here. You can climb to the top of the tower for an amazing view of the city for just 14 euros.

·  Bruges Beer Experience: The museum has a huge exhibition on how to brew beer, the history of beer, and much more about it. Don’t forget to check the bar downstairs of the museum to try the delicious beers the museum offers.

·  Minnewater Park: This spot sheds light on Brugge in the Middle Ages. This peaceful place, which is one of the important stops of boat tours, was once used as a dock. Ships from Russia loaded with wool, wine, spices and silk used to dock here.

·  Groeningemuseum: The museum, which was built on the site of the Eekhout Monastery in the Middle Ages, hosts nearly 150 works. When you visit the Groeningemuseum, you can take a closer look at Jan Van Eyck's works titled "Madonna with Canon Van der Paele" and "Madonna Crowned by Angels". In the museum, you can also see the works in which the most beautiful points of the city are depicted. Auguste Van de Steene's work focusing on the Market Square is the most remarkable of such works.

We hope that after reading this, we've managed to convince you to hop on that train and enjoy all the wonderful sights Brugge has to offer.

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