What Does Your Bike Say About You?

Spring has finally arrived, the sun is out and so are the bikes. If you are a student, 99% of you own a bike. But what does your bike say about you? Here is a quick personality (not biased at all!) insight into what does your bike say about you!

  1. Road bike 


Need for speed! Regardless of where you are, you will get to your final destination in less than 15min. On weekends you take your bike and go for breakfast to Amsterdam or Belgium, just for fun. Just like on a road, for you there are no red lights in your life! You have such a hardworking personality that charms and inspires everyone around you, that you don’t even feel the need for unnecessary socialization, or in other words, you are more of an introvert rather than an extrovert unless someone is just as passionate about cycling as you are! Also, how many jars of peanut butter do you finish per month? At least 2, and don’t lie! 

  1. City bike 


You are a flower person! Tulips in your bike basket and a lovely Instagram story with caramel latte from Saturday's Rotterdam market. And you know who loves flowers? Butterflies! So you can identify yourself as a Social butterfly! Friends are your biggest support and join in life. Therefore, your favourite place on campus is the Paviljoen or somewhere near there where you could hang out with your mates and enjoy the fun and social atmosphere. Occasionally you read. When I say occasionally, I really mean that you read the same book 6 months already, trying to convince yourself that reading is amazing and makes you feel like the main character! But only for those 10 pages and then until the next month or so! Spring is beautiful, isn’t it?

  1. Swapfiets


Congratulations, you are classified as the most basic international student in the Netherlands! But it’s okay, nobody is unique, you are just a bit further away than everyone else ;) When you were a child, you were probably amazingly good and spotting a difference between two identical things, and even if you were not, now you are definitely a pro because recognizing your Swapfiet near Polak is nearly impossible! 89% chance you hate biking and most of the time you still use public transport. You are an owl, so staying in the library until it closes and then heading straight to the bar is just another casual day for you! And if you had to choose only one you would prefer morning showers instead of evening ones. 

  1. Electric bike 


Who are you?  A start-up CEO or super lazy student? Everyone on bike paths hates you just as much as all those scooters. Yes, I said that. Sorry :)) You have a very solid sense of fashion, tourist look at you and think, wow, Rotterdammers are stylish people, even on bikes. Your favourite drink is negroni or espresso martini. No time for breakfast, but diners always with a glass of wine. How are you crypto wallet looking? 

  1. All the rest 


“All the rest” maybe a bit too wide of a category, but you know, there is not that big of a personality difference between them all. If you were to be an animal, you would probably be a pigeon. Interpret it as you wish, all of the interpretations represent you. From the charisma point of view, wow, you are confident! You could definitely be a good salesperson! And not only does confidence makes you shine, but you are also a very loyal person! Definitely a wife/husband material, likely to be in a serious relationship and eventually marry your partner. Sadly, according to statistical data, can’t promise your marriage will be happy! This is not that big of a problem for you, because you only truly care about things that concern your quality of life in the long run. Turtles and plastic bags? Nahh. All in all, your confidence and practical point of view towards life will get you far!

About this article

Written by:
  • Giedre Krotovaite
| Published on: Apr 11, 2022