Meet the Estimator!

Hey everyone, the time has come. I present you the Estimator Committee!

Questions to be answered:

  1. Rich and famous or primary income and unknown?

  2. If you were to choose, which Disney character would you be? 

  3. If you were offered a role in any film or series ever filmed, which would you choose and why?

  4. Which single meal would you eat for the rest of your life?

  5. Biggest irritation on campus?



Hi everyone! You’ve probably seen me around at all the FAECTOR events, but for those who don’t know me yet, my name is Daan and I’m the Secretary of FAECTOR this year. That means that I supervise, among others, the Estimator Committee. I’m looking forward to all the interesting articles this committee will write!

  1. Primary income and unknown

  2. Winnie the pooh

  3. Lord of the Rings, just look at the scenery

  4. Hamburgers

  5. Loud people chilling at study spaces



Hey everyone, Orestis here. I am a second-year BSc^2 student and the current chairman of the Estimator. Looking forward to working with the team and getting to know everyone better, whilst publishing the articles you want to read the most. Hope to see all of you at the next FAECTOR events.

  1. Rich and Famous

  2. Buzz Lightyear

  3. Not from a movie but Tommy Shelby from the Peaky Blinders → one of the most  fascinating and well executed roles in a show

  4. Spare ribs with fries and coleslaw

  5. People constantly moving around me



Hello I’m Simon! I am in my third year of the bachelor. I’m happy to be part of the Estimator committee and to write some fantastic articles with the squad! See you on the Estimator website!

  1. Rich and Famous

  2. Stitch from Lilo & Stitch

  3. Marty McFly from Back to the Future -> Rock n’ Roll guitar scene and driving a DeLorean + Hoverboard; also well played in the movie(s)

  4. Oysters

  5. Polak being always full



Hello, I’m Floris, a third year bachelor student and second year estimator member. Since a lot of amazing bright souls and writers have spread their wings, I feel honoured to write about all the (un)necessary things in life.

  1. Rich and Famous

  2. Rapunzel, so that I don’t have to deal with my receding hairline

  3. Guido in La vita e bella, Forrest Gump or el Professor in La Casa de Papel.

  4. Homemade pasta pesto

  5. Alarm clocks in the library



Hey everybody! My name is Mikhail and I am a first year Bsc^2 student. My biggest hope for the upcoming year at Estimator is to attract attention to the topics most dear to my heart.

  1. Rich and Famous 

  2. Lightning McQueen, because then I won't ever have to worry about speed again

  3. Cousin Avi from Snatch, one of the greatest movies ever produced. He is one of the few characters who got out relatively unharmed

  4. Lasagna 

  5. The scooter people



Hi! My name is Anissa and I’m currently in my first year of the Dutch bachelor program. I'm really looking forward to writing articles within this team which you will (hopefully) enjoy!

  1. Rich and famous. 

  2. Baloo from the jungle book. 

  3. Ariadne from inception. The concept of dreaming really interests me. 

  4. Chicken wings prepared by my mom. 

  5. All the bicycles.



Hi! I am Gabriela and I am pursuing the single Bachelor in Econometrics and Operations Research. I joined Estimator at the end of the last academic year, but I can tell for sure I enjoyed it since then. I hope you will enjoy our articles as well.

  1.  Rich and famous

  2. Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because I would get lost in books all day

  3. The film Good Will Hunting. The entire concept of a blue-collar worker who turns out to be a genius is simply fascinating

  4. When I was little, my mom used to cook mashed beans with garlic and made me think that it tastes like chicken.I hated it, but now I would just eat that for the rest of my life

  5. People staring when you are studying



Hello! I'm Oliwer, from Poland, currently doing first year of double bachelor. I enjoy writing itself a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to deliver you some decent content. 

  1. Rich and unknown 

  2. Elsa

  3. Theory of Everything - Stephen Hawking - just a wholesome, memorable life

  4. Pasta - you can make it in 1000 different ways

  5. 1-person spinning doors



Hey I'm Robert, I'm in my second year of the BSc^2 and I recently joined Estimator.

  1. Rich and famous but still rich and unknown is the best in my opinion

  2. Shrek, he’s a legend in the game 

  3. Inception - mind-bending and would be interesting to film

  4. Paninis because you can make anything

  5. People chewing loud in silent areas

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Written by:
  • Gabriela Creţu
  • Simon Benhaiem
  • Mikhail Muradov
  • Robert Alexandrou
  • Floris De Vries
  • Oliwer Wirkus
  • Anissa El Mazouzi
  • Orestis Tziapouras
  • Daan Derksen
| Published on: Nov 02, 2022