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"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." This quote of Leonardo da Vinci looks universal but is made irrelevant by the invention of AI. Even artists are concerned that their works are worth nothing because it i could be replicated so easily. To put this to the test, two poems where made about the struggles in the life of a student. One by our own extremely talented poet ChatGPT and the other by Anissa. Could you guess which one is which?



Discontinuity in the

circle of life 

circling through lies 

stuck in a circle of why’s.


Have to 

make up our minds

you should,

mind your own business,

the truth is that we are 

scared to admit it

that this way of living 

is about keeping us alive.

distracted by 

everybody’s imitated smile,

fake it till you make it

is the way we portray it.


The only way 

to survive success 

is to accept what pain is.

Maintaining a mind 

that is

continuously exposed,

to fluctuating emotions

isn’t easy and we know it.

We let you know 

but you ignore it,

encourage us to keep going.


A broken thing 

cannot fix itself,

is it selfish 

if we ask for help.

Can’t you tell 

we are looking for an

escape from time,

circling through this 


circle of life.



In the midst of my student life, a shadow looms, Free Robot Pointing on a Wall  Stock Photo

A veil of insecurities, casting doubt and gloom. 

It surrounds me like a fog, a maze of thought, 

Leaving me lost and confused, a life half-wrought.


I watch my peers and wonder what they see, 

What magic they find in this academic debris.

Their confidence and poise like a shining star, 

Guiding them through the campus, both near and far.


But I am different, lost in my own maze, 

A mind of tangled thoughts, a life half-hazed.

I question my abilities, my choices and my fate, 

Afraid to make mistakes and face the weight.


Yet, in the midst of this turmoil, a voice calls out, 

A seed of hope, a beacon of light without a doubt. 

It tells me to embrace my true self, to let it soar, 

To rise above the insecurities and unlock the door.


For life is a journey of self-discovery, 

A path of twists and turns, of pain and glory.

And though my fears may seem like a heavy load, 

I have the strength to carry it, to walk down the road.


So I choose to stand tall, to face my fears, 

To embrace my true self and let it steer. 

For within me lies a flame, a passion to ignite, 

A force to be reckoned with, a shining light.


And though the path may seem like an uphill climb, 

I will not falter, I will not resign.

For in the end, it's not about being perfect or right, 

But about embracing my true self, shining bright.

Written by Anissa,

Written by AI.

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Written by:
  • Floris De Vries
  • Anissa El Mazouzi
| Published on: Feb 27, 2023