Meet this year's active members!

In October, FAECTOR welcomed several new committees, whose members have already been busy contributing to the enjoyment of the vibrant community. Allow me to proudly present the dynamic individuals who form the backbone of FAECTOR’s various committees. Each committee brings a unique flavor to our association, contributing to the diversity and richness of our community. Let's delve into the introductions from our newly appointed committee members!

Alumni Committee

Meet this year’s Alumnico: Doga, Jim, Constance, Hélène and Roos! "Maybe not as relevant for everyone now, but keep us in mind once you finish your studies. Luckily, the end of your studies does not mean the end of the fun activities of FAECTOR. We will still be organizing events for you to stay in touch with old friends or network with other Alumni. You can always recognize us by our beautiful suits!! Who will be asking Jim for a date on Valentine’s day...?" I am sure that if he wears his suit, no one can resist that offer!

"In a world full of suits, be the opposuit."


Next up, we have the ITCommittee, consisting of Arminas, Kerem, Mateusz, Maurits, Bailey, Philipp and Jesse. "This committee is all about programming. If you have a passion for it and want to learn a lot, then this is the perfect place. We work on various projects regarding tech to make life easier for FAECTOR and all Econometrics students." A unanimous nod to an easier life—thank you, ITCommittee!

"Huh, what is Slack?"

Faector Consultancy Project Committee (FCP)

Maybe not as well known as the other committees, but definitely an interesting one—the FCP committee, with members Adelina, Nash, Joost and Heleen! "Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read about the Faector Consultancy Project (FCP)! We are very excited for the coming year and hope to share some of this excitement with you, the reader. In short, the FCP aims to offer students a valuable chance to put their skills in data analytics into practice while making a positive impact."

 "Join us in making data-driven impact!"

Business Trip Committee

For the past few weeks, they have already been working very hard on organizing the most unforgettable business trip: Leonie, Oliver, Donna, Veerle, Marlous and Veerle! "So far, we have already picked our location and even booked the flights and hotel! Besides being a very serious committee, we manage to have some fun as well thanks to our social officer Oliver. So if you ever want to hang out or have a drink with us, make sure to contact him. And who knows, maybe if you buy us enough drinks we might give a hint of where the business trip will be going." Something to definitely keep an eye on!

"Whoah! We're going to Ibiza!"

Freshmen Committee (FC)

This year, the FC consists of Joana, Heleen, Amélie, Carina, Vikki, My, Yuval, Philipp, and Martin! "Hey! We are the FC committee, and we organize events for the first year students of the International degree. We have already organized a very fun city trip to Gouda and are very excited to organize the upcoming events!" Make sure to check out all the events!

"Secret word?"

City Trip Committee (CitCom)

The CitCom consists of Imme, Dirk, Erwin and Lotte, and is responsible for organizing the yearly FAECTOR City Trip! "At the moment of writing, its destination is one of FAECTOR's best-kept secrets, but the trip will be as iconic as the previous trips!" I am sure it will be!

"Monaco? Wel duur..." (Monaco? Rather expensive...)

Internal Activities Committee (IntAct)

Babs, Rana, Ariane, Merlijn, Thijs, and Lotte are in this year's Internal Activities Committee, better known as IntAct! "We are responsible for organizing events for all active members in FAECTOR. Our meetings are chaos, but the events are amazing :) If you want to enjoy all the benefits of being an active member and join events like cycling dinner, AMW, and all kinds of drinks, don't hesitate to join a committee in January!" You have until January 19th to apply!


Eerstejaarscommissie (EC)

Better known as the EC, the Eerstejaarscommissie consists of Stan, Femke, Joel, Leander, Nikki, Rens, Stijntje, and Roos! "Throughout this academic year, we will organize numerous events for every member of FAECTOR such as a Pool Night and a Pubquiz. We also organize events only for first-year students from both the National and International programs to let them get to know each other. Lastly, we are responsible for the most fun event of the year; PINKWIN! This is the introduction weekend for everyone that has applied for the next year of the National study program. Be sure to keep an eye out on the FAECTOR site for our events. See you there!"

"Jong geleerd is oud gedaan!" (Learned when young is done when old!)

Marketing Committee

Have you ever wondered who is the mastermind behind those dazzling site banners and stunning posts on Instagram? "Well, look no further - it's us, The Marketing Committee! Meet Bente, Eline, Floor, Floris, Izaak, Jesse, Leonore, and Sara. We are excited to create even more of these amazing pieces. Sure, we admit, working with InDesign can be a bit of a challenge, but hey, we're happy to take it on. Why? Because it simply produces beautiful masterpieces! And that's not all - again this year we have the honor of designing special hoodies for all our active members. The design phase is already underway and believe us, it will be something spectacular! The best thing about Team Marco? We are a ridiculously fun group of 8 creative minds! With 8 creative minds on deck, we are weaving our artistic threads into something very special. We are eagerly looking forward to creating another wonderful almanac this year, and our enthusiasm is enormous. Brace yourself for a wave of creativity designed to promote FAECTOR. Prepare to be amazed!" I am really excited to see what more they have in store!

"Marcoooo!" "Polo!"

Estimator Committee

Lastly, we have the committee responsible for this article and all the other ones that have been published this academic year: The Estimator Committee! Together with Daria, Célina, Kristian, Mikhail, Oliwer, and Roos, I, Anissa, ensure that you are entertained throughout the year and take a break from being overwhelmed by integrals, matrices, and all other things spooking through the mind of a future econometrician with the articles we write. 

"Read the article, madness."

The dedication of our committee members exemplifies the vibrant spirit that defines our association. Excited to also be an integral part of the FAECTOR family? Applications for various new committees are now open until January 19th. Whether you are drawn to the excitement of introducing new students to FAECTOR, the thrill of organizing events or the dynamics of recruitment, FAECTOR has a place for you!

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