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Meet the Alumni Committee! This committee is responsible for FAECTOR's alumni association, RECNET. They organise RECNET activities that help former econometrics students keep in touch after their studies. This year, RECNET is run by Jeroen, Loes, Mateusz, Maurits and Tyko.

Jeroen van Dijk

Dear FAECTORians, Maurits' leeden,

My name is Jeroen van Dijk and some might know me as the father of the social activities. Last year I had the privilege to be the Secretary of the 51st board of FAECTOR and currently I am part of the Alumni Committee. Together with the Alumni Committee we make sure that the social activities won't stop once you are graduated.

RECNET, Rotterdam Econometricians Network (the alumni association of FAECTOR), makes sure you will keep in touch with your (former) study friends! Think about activities such as deep sea fishing, smoking cigars, tasting whiskeys, playing cricket and gambling on horse races.
This year I am enrolled in the masters programme Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing and thus I can not wait to become an alumnus.
Next to participating in several alumni activities, it is also possible to show your love for our association by becoming a contributor. Usually we go for gold, but within the contributorships it is even possible to go platinum! Make your name unforgettable and be placed on the list of legends, where legends refers to platinum contributors instead of 7 beer drinkers.

Enjoy your time at FAECTOR and prepare yourselves for RECNET!

Hasta la vista, the vegetables,

Tyko Kieskamp

Heey everyone,

My name is Tyko Kieskamp. 21 years ago I was born all the way north in the magnificent cheese-city that is Alkmaar. This year I got the great honor to be in the Alumni Committee together with three legends, and Maurits.

When I don’t spend time on this committee (and maybe a bit on the ECD) I can be found on lakes in a sailingboat. Especially when there is some solid wind blowing. But I also have to spend some time studying. I just started with my master in quantitative marketing, but I plan to take my time before becoming an alumnus, despite how awesome it is to be one.

All the great events the Alumni Committee organises is plenty of reason to finish your studies as soon as possible. Besides it would mean more money for the oldest Scottish whiskey, the most delicious Cuban cigars and of course the fastest Italian cars.

Bye bye,

Loes Broekgaarden

Dear amazing people,

I’m Loes. In the past few years I’ve been in the FRP committee and the Recruitment committee. This year I’m supposed to micromanage the lovely Teusz, Jer en Tyko in order to ensure close ties between FAECTOR and its alumni.

Imagine: when you’re done studying you can still go to the wonderful activities of FAECTOR, but now you’ll have the money to order 52 chicken nuggets and the extra bucket of flügel at the Skihut.
In my spare time I’m trying to finish my master in Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics.
Embarrassing stories and weird talents are available upon request.


Mateusz Galle

Dear reader & potential RECNET Member,

My name is Mateusz. Some of you might know me from last year when I was a full-time visitor of the Skihut. Other maatjes might know me as the IT & Marketing Officer of the 51st (aaahh) Board of FAECTOR. As you all might know or will get to know this year, once you go FAECTOR green (0.150.84) you never go back, so this year I'm back as a member of the committee with nicer suits than the Board: the Alumni committee!

Together with LinkeLoose, TitaanTyko, jeroennvandijk@gmail.com and supervised by MightyMau we're going to make RECNET great again! By going through the sound and for Platinum, by reaching a new record for donators, by scraping, reordering and coloring our Alumni database, and by knowing every LinkedIn hotkey by heart, we will make this year one to remember for RECNET (and of course also FAECTOR). Because why stop the FAECTOR fun when you are done studying? Your (working) life can still be enriched in the broadest sense of the word: by becoming a RECNET member or maybe even contributor and joining our various events organised throughout the year.

My most embarrassing story? I’ve had a few, but if you are really keen on knowing: have a look here or here. In fact, you can take a look at the whole Estimator website on estimator.faector.nl and read all about my or other embarrassing stories, as well as news, interviews with students, teachers or companies or perhaps about the recent activities that FAECTOR organised. The Estimator and its committee covers everything you need to know about your life as an econometric student and member of FAECTOR. It’s the best (real) news platform out there. It’s true.

Have you already heard about RECNET? You can find us on our new website: faector.nl/recnet, check our Facebook page or maybe join our Facebook group or LinkedIn group. And the best thing is, we do not even have an ‘ontgroening’, because green is of course the nicest color!

Start your RECNET road now!

With RECNET green love,

Maurits de Bruijn

Hi everyone!

My name is Maurits, I’m 21 years old, and I grew up in the one and only Vtown. This year I’m the proud supervisor of the Aaaaaaalumni committee this year! So far, I’m incredibly happy with the legends who are in this committee. They’re doing an awesome job with both the activities and the illuster Alumni Policy. Even though they’re in a later phase of their studies than most Active Members, they’re really fanatic about the Committee Battles aswell!

After having a great End Of The Year Party, I got home after having a wonderful night with my fellow cavemen and cavewomen. I got a wonderful night of sleep, since I was so tired of dancing at the party. Unfortunately, I left my phone in my pocket without putting it in the charger. Did I already tell you that my phone is also my alarm clock? As you can imagine, my alarm didn’t go off and I slept through an important meeting at the uni. Oops...

As for my special talent, I can do a really spectacular “handstand”! If you ask me nicely, I might do one for you at one of our FAECTOR events;)

I hope this year will consist of a lot of scraping, tasting and having a lot of fun with both the committee and all of the RECNET members. We’re going to make sure that everyone has heard of RECNET and will join us on all of the RECNET activities after they’re done with their studies!

Alumni goes for platinum!

Maurits de Bruijn

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