• Third Year's Standing Dinner & Beer Cantus

    • Rick Kessels
    Jan 25, 2019

    On Monday the 21st of November, the annual Third Year’s Standing Dinner took place in café Stalles. It was a great opportunity for the people who just came back from exchange to catch up with their student lives here back in the freezing city of Rott...

  • Keeping up with the FAExchangies - Christiaan van den Berg

    • Christiaan van den Berg
    Jan 23, 2019

    From Russia with Love Всем привет! “Russia? Oh, that’s cool. Are you sure, though?” This was the typical response I received when I told people about my intentions to spend half a year in Moscow, the mighty capital of the Russian Federation. I am C...

  • Welcommittee - IT committee

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    • Anique Van Schijndel
    Jan 21, 2019Association

    Time for the introduction of the committee that makes sure you are always able to visit our beautiful websites: faector.nl and estimator.faector.nl. This committee started in October and consists of Lars, Evgeny, Bas and Micheal. Curious who once del...

  • New Year's Resolutions

    • Carlijn Otto
    Jan 15, 2019

    We hope you all enjoyed your free time during the holidays, had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year’s Eve! Whereas the holidays are the time where you can let go of all your deadlines, duties, healthy eating patterns and not partying to...

  • Sustainability in Rotterdam

    • Aron van Woerkom
    Jan 12, 2019

    As you all may know, the world needs to get more sustainable. For this, our port in Rotterdam is not an exception, so the Estimator has found out what sustainability is going to mean for our city, port and daily life in Rotterdam. Since the new munic...

  • Welcommittee - Excellence Committee

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jan 09, 2019Association

    Time for the Introduction of the excellence committee. This committee has already been in place since June, but today seemed like an appropriate time to publish  their welcommittee, since the deadline for subscribing for the excellence programme is t...

  • Keeping Up With The FAExchangies - Fabrice van Roozendaal

    • Fabricius van Roozendaal
    Dec 31, 2018

    你好大家! My name is Fabrice van Roozendaal, and I just returned from my exchange at Renmin University of China, in a city of almost 22 million people: Beijing. This huge city was my home for almost 4 months, and my perception of China has changed foreve...