• The Greatest Estimator Crossword

    • Tessa De Weser
    • Adnan Aliyev
    Apr 02, 2021

    The Estimator presents to you...the greatest crossword puzzle ever! By completing our crossword puzzle, you get the chance to win one of three exclusive prizes including a mini BBQ, ESE hoodie or a rare ESE dopper! To obtain the answers, you'll nee...


    • Ishan Bhowmik
    Apr 01, 2021

    What’s the one thing that everyone celebrates in the month of April? That’s right. Christmas. The time where everybody’s out to search for the Easter bunny hiding those subtle Easter eggs in the garden bushes – a tradition that we closely associate t...

  • Socially Distanced Trading at Optiver

    • Sterre Spaanderman
    • Aaron Stefan Popa
    Mar 26, 2021Career

    Ever wanted to work at Optiver? One of the most sought-after destinations for our graduates, Optiver trainee Olle Tielrooij explains why Optiver is such an exciting company for Econometricians to work at and how the company has adapted to doing trade...

  • Where to get the Best Coffee in Rotterdam

    • Sterre Spaanderman
    • Lala AlAsadi
    Mar 22, 2021

    Coffee: the one part of your day that can never do you wrong (unless you’re at the library and the machine has broken down yet again - but there is little risk of that these days). Since the lockdown started, us students have been constantly looking ...

  • How many Bitterballen can America afford?

    • Adnan Aliyev
    Mar 18, 2021Politico-Economical

    It was a bright cold day in March, and the clocks were striking thirteen. French President Emmanuel Macron announced that "no business, whatever its size, will face the risk of bankruptcy." Germany provided unlimited cash supplies to businesses hit b...

  • An Econometrician in Politics

    • Tessa De Weser
    Mar 15, 2021News

    This Wednesday the elections for the Dutch House of Representatives will be held. Whereas current members are intent on protecting their seats, new and smaller parties hope to break through. Volt is one of them. The pan-European political movement cu...

  • Make Netherlands Great Again!

    • Sterre Spaanderman
    Mar 10, 2021Politics

    As the 2021 national elections loom close, the Dutch House of Representatives has never been so divided. Since our daily life has radically changed, political parties have weighed in with drastically differing opinions on how to govern and determine ...

  • EstimATEor: Adnan Aliyev

    • Monica Panigrahy
    • Tessa De Weser
    Mar 08, 2021

    The EstimATEor is back! For the first time ever, we interview someone from Azerbaijan! Second-year student Adnan Aliyev tells us about his experience coming to the Netherlands and the effect of Covid-19 regulations, over some exciting Azerbaijani del...

  • Second camera: A more valuable degree or an Orwellian nightmare?

    • Aaron Stefan Popa
    Feb 27, 2021Educational

    Four weeks ago, student council members Robbert Rog and Younes Assou submitted an open letter to the Executive Board asking the board members to reconsider their decision to implement a two-camera set-up for proctored exams. Despite the fact that the...

  • Discussing COVID-19 with member of parliament Jan Paternotte

    • Tessa De Weser
    Feb 18, 2021Educational

    Last week The Estimator interviewed Jan Paternotte, member of the House of Representatives of The Netherlands (de Tweede Kamer). Specialising in Education, he represents the party Democrats 66. We discussed reopening universities, the curfew, financi...