• Welcommittee - Excellence Committee

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jan 09, 2019Association

    Time for the Introduction of the excellence committee. This committee has already been in place since June, but today seemed like an appropriate time to publish  their welcommittee, since the deadline for subscribing for the excellence programme is t...

  • Keeping Up With The FAExchangies - Fabrice van Roozendaal

    • Fabricius van Roozendaal
    Dec 31, 2018

    你好大家! My name is Fabrice van Roozendaal, and I just returned from my exchange at Renmin University of China, in a city of almost 22 million people: Beijing. This huge city was my home for almost 4 months, and my perception of China has changed foreve...

  • Christmas Insanity

    • Anique Van Schijndel
    Dec 27, 2018News

    Presents, a lot of food, and family time: many have enjoyed a holy Christmas again this year. It has probably been even more of a festivity than last year, due to the upcoming trend of Christmas. We notice it everywhere around us: shops starts decora...

  • Welcommittee - Alumni Committee

    • Rick Kessels
    Dec 24, 2018Association

    Next up in the Welcommittee sequence is the Alumni Committee! This committee organises events for the ones who somehow managed to graduate the econometrics curriculum. You might have heard of the Alumni association RECNET: That's basically what this ...

  • Christmas in Rotterdam

    • Carlijn Otto
    Dec 09, 2018

    We are already in our last month of 2018! And although that means this wonderful year has almost come to an end, it also means Christmas is only a few weeks away. These coming weeks, there are quite a few events in Rotterdam cantered around Christmas...

  • How to survive a Dutch Winter

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Dec 05, 2018Educational

    Weather in the Netherlands can be confusing. A normal day can look like this: freezingly cold and windy in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon and violently pouring in the evening. Thought you might have adapted to that? Think again, because...

  • FAECTOR'S Committees January 2019

    • Anique Van Schijndel
    Dec 04, 2018Association

    Learning to work with others, making new friends and of course having loads of fun. Being part of a committee has added value in many ways! Are you interested in joining a committee at FAECTOR? Then read on to find out which committees open up for ap...