• Into the Business - Aegon Nederland (Capital Management)

    • Geert Oosterbroek
    • Mateusz Galle
    Jun 15, 2017Career

    Not sure what you can do with your econometric knowledge after your studies? Or just curious where other econometricians work? No worries! With the rubric ‘Into the Business’, the Estimator wants to show you the inside world of different companies th...

  • Teacher Talk - Michel van de Velden

    • Slobodan Durovic
    • Michel Pham
    Jun 13, 2017Educational

    It's time for another teacher talk! This time, the FAECTOR Estimator interviews the first-year Statistics professor - Dr. Michel van de Velden. To find out more about our professor besides his publications, we decided to ask him some questions to mak...

  • MICompany Puzzalytics II

    • Mateusz Galle
    Jun 12, 2017Career

    It is common knowledge that econometricians are real number crunchers. Being confronted with the most abstract mathematical proofs or calculations, they do not avoid the challange but pull up their socks, roll up their sleeves and tackle the problem ...

  • Interfaculty Party: the announcement of the 52nd Board!

    • Amber Stoll
    • Mitchell van Cittert
    Jun 08, 2017Association

    The 18th of May this year was one to remember (or forget). This otherwise ordinary Thursday was the day the candidates of the 52nd board of FAECTOR were announced. The announcement drink, with an open bar, was held in Sorbonne. At 9 pm sharp, everyon...

  • How 'green' is FAECTOR?

    • Slobodan Durovic
    May 31, 2017Association

    The world has over the last decade or so been heavily shifting towards green production. Creating such an environment in the offices of all workers helps to raise the awareness of the global problem which is the global warming. Here, the Estimator de...

  • Welcommittees! - FRP Committee

    • Geert Oosterbroek
    May 22, 2017Association

    Once again, it’s for the beloved rubric 'Welcommitees!', where we present all new committees that started in January. We asked everyone to tell something about themselves and to answer three questions about their committee members. In this episode we...

  • Student recommendation: Food & Drinks

    • Michel Pham
    May 10, 2017

    Have you ever had that feeling, when you just couldn't be bothered to cook dinner yourself, and didn't want to continue that 4-day Domino's streak? The Estimator Committee is here to the rescue: we reviewed three restaurants, to see which one is the ...

  • FAECTOR Business Trip 2017 - Vienna

    • Maurits de Bruijn
    • Thomas Michelotti
    May 05, 2017Career

    Monday morning the 24th of April. The alarm goes off at 02:30 am. After months of preparation it is finally time to start the long-expected adventure; FAECTOR’s first ever Business Trip with as destination Vienna! Monday  The group gathered at Rott...

  • An interview with... The 51st Board of FAECTOR!

    • Estimator Committee
    Apr 23, 2017Association

    A board year is a year full of organising and attending events, but also a lot of setting up systems and building the frames for the future of FAECTOR. A long and exhausting year full of memorable and fun moments. In this article the Estimator interv...

  • Ask an Alumnus - Remco Mol

    • Amber Stoll
    Apr 20, 2017Association

    The time has come to introduce a new segment on the Estimator: Ask an Alumnus! In this rubric the Estimator interviews different alumni about their study years, FAECTOR and life after their studies. This first episode kicks off with alumnus Remco Mol...