• Estimator's Summer Plans

    • Gabriela Creţu
    • Aaron Stefan Popa
    • Giedre Krotovaite
    • Orestis Tziapouras
    • Lala AlAsadi
    Aug 07, 2022

    Gabriela    Everything keeps moving as I did not even realise how one year of my life is just poof: sparks and fireworks in the air. We are always trying to get through, to be our best selves, but sometimes we just forget our true selves. This summe...

  • Market Suicide

    • Aaron Stefan Popa
    Jun 10, 2022News

    The crypto market crashed about a month ago and this can only be news to those living under some rocks or too busy with the Heard vs Depp lawsuit to notice the obvious staring them in the eyes. So, here’s the story of the most volatile week in the hi...

  • Interview with Dr. Bas Jacobs

    • Begyum Akyol
    • Lala AlAsadi
    • Max Hedeman Joosten
    Jun 07, 2022Educational

    A couple months ago, the Estimator had the privilege of interviewing the Sijbren Cnossen Professor of Public Economics at ESE, Bas Jacobs. And as of June 2022, prof.dr. Jacobs will be appointed as the Professor of Public Economics at the School of Ec...

  • TESTimator: Bars in Rotterdam (Stalles)

    • Arnau Duatis Tarradellas
    • Giedre Krotovaite
    May 31, 2022

    A couple of weeks ago, Estimator sent a skilled group of connoisseurs to café Stalles for a beer and whiskey tasting experience. (Full disclosure, we are definitely not skilled, and it was basically just an excuse to gather together, but let’s preten...

  • Journey of Discovering Your Interests: An Interview with Alumni Alexander Gruisen

    • Giedre Krotovaite
    • Lala AlAsadi
    May 25, 2022Career

    Admit it or not, but surely every single one of econometrics students has at least once experienced an existential study crisis of trying to realise what is the purpose of learning all the hard proofs and theorems and where will it bring you in the f...

  • Paris: The Lighthouse of La Belle Époque

    • Aaron Stefan Popa
    May 12, 2022

    Paris, the city of love. The city of lights. A fashion capital of Europe. Paris does leave a vivid and lasting emotion to anyone that ever visits it, whether it’s disgust at the uncleanness that surrounds the capital, stress at the countless tourists...

  • Conflicts Around the World: Ethiopia

    • Arnau Duatis Tarradellas
    May 09, 2022News

    We seem to be entering a new “new normality”, a term that originally referred to the new lifestyle that Covid-19 imposed on us is now phasing into a constant state of political instability. Ignited by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, fuelled by inflation...

  • Amsterdam Coffee Festival: A Caffeine Addicts Glorious Resurrection

    • Lala AlAsadi
    May 03, 2022

    Back in early April, the estimator had the chance of indulging in what many would label as one too many cups of coffee. We embarked on the mission to attend the Amsterdam Coffee Festival and among us were daily coffee drinkers and Floris, who despise...

  • Good Ways to Spend King's Day

    • Floris De Vries
    Apr 26, 2022

    While enjoying your well-deserved holiday, you need to be prepared for the Dutch national holiday, King’s day. Because most of the old traditions of King’s day are not widely used by students, some student-proof activities, apart from partying, are p...

  • HyperInflation in the Sneaker Resale Market

    • Orestis Tziapouras
    Apr 14, 2022Educational

    Isn’t it mind boggling how one can pay an x amount for a pair of sneakers and then walk out of the store, only to see its value quadruple, if not more? Don’t we all buy sneakers for the same reasons?  Well, yes and no, depending on who you ask. For ...