• How to survive quarantine

    • Laura Zwiers
    • Athaya Putri
    May 23, 2020

    We're living in strange times right now with the Coronavirus, and it is not unimaginable that you're slowly getting bored sitting at home. Many people already started their large Spring cleanups during the first week of quarantine, or started on that...

  • Economic Research for Econometricians - Deepening Minor

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    May 18, 2020Educational

    Thinking of doing a minor in your final bachelor year? With the minor application deadline coming soon, you might be in a bit of a pickle choosing the right minor for you. Fear no more! Estimator is here to help you! We recently interviewed a third-y...

  • Advanced Computer Science - Deepening Minor

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    Mar 25, 2020school

    At ESE, students have the opportunity to go on exchange, do an internship or follow a minor during their last year of university. Estimator has interviewed many people who went on exchange. Therefore, for this edition, we decided to interview a third...

  • EstimATEor - Cem

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    • Artun Boz
    Mar 18, 2020

    In this episode of EstimATEor, we talk to Cem, a second-year double bachelor student from Turkey.   Did you visit the Netherlands before moving here? Yes. My family and I did a European tour. We visited Munich, Copenhagen - where my aunt lives - a...

  • Teacher Talk - Ana Figueiredo

    • Monica Panigrahy
    Mar 12, 2020Educational

    In this edition of Teacher talk, we decided to talk to Assistant Professor Ana Figueiredo, who teaches Macroeconomics to first-year Bachelor students.  Where did you grow up and how did you move to the Netherlands? I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal a...

  • How to survive a hangover

    • Laura Zwiers
    Mar 09, 2020

    We've all been there: waking up after a night out feeling nauseous, having a terrible headache and being unable to bear a daylight. Hangovers are terrible, especially on days when you actually have activities, or studying, planned. It would therefore...

  • Why do people get emotional about sports?

    • Mihaela Ilova
    Mar 02, 2020

    I've personally never understood why people cared so much about their favorite team losing or winning a match. As a cheerleader dancing at basketball games, I've witnessed people screaming, cursing and crying whenever their teams have lost. How can a...

  • Why did Brexit happen?

    • Monica Panigrahy
    • Lala AlAsadi
    Feb 27, 2020News

    The clock strikes midnight. Union Jack flags are raised in front of the UK parliament. One flag is taken down at the European Parliament in Brussels. It’s official. The UK has finally left the EU. After three and a half years of cumbersome negotiatio...

  • Into the Business - Optiver

    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    • Athaya Putri
    Feb 20, 2020Career

    For this edition of Into the Business, Estimator travelled to Amsterdam to interview Olivier Smit, a graduated Econometrician who is currently working part-time as a Trading Assistant at Optiver. Olivier finished his Bachelor in Econometrics and Oper...

  • LED 2020 - diary of a participant

    • Laura Zwiers
    Feb 17, 2020Career

    This year, the Dutch Econometricians Day (LED) was organised by a committee of FAECTOR. The event took place on the 6th of February in Nieuwegein, with an afterparty being held in Utrecht. The LED is very special, as it brings together over 800 econo...