• Meet this year's active members!

    • Anissa El Mazouzi
    Jan 10, 2024

    In October, FAECTOR welcomed several new committees, whose members have already been busy contributing to the enjoyment of the vibrant community. Allow me to proudly present the dynamic individuals who form the backbone of FAECTOR’s various committee...

  • Some student-life tips you don't hear every day

    • Kristian Ronningen
    Dec 27, 2023

    Thinking yet about how you are going to become a new improved version of yourself next year? Improvement doesn’t mean big changes, rather more about the small changes in your everyday life which will eventually give a compounding effect over time. So...

  • Blanket of Toxic Haze – Does India Have Another Solution?

    • Daria Haidar
    Dec 13, 2023Educational

    Climate change is no unfamiliar account to anyone. For the last 30 years, countries have been exhausting their efforts (or so they claim) to reduce the brunt of their destructive behavior through investments in innovative renewable energy, improving ...

  • Black Friday's Downside: Fueling Overconsumption, Earth's Strain, and Mounting Waste

    • Celina Madaschi
    Dec 06, 2023Educational

    Black Friday, traditionally the day following Thanksgiving, has become one of the year’s most anticipated shopping events. Shoppers eagerly await this occasion for the exclusive offers and discounts that numerous retailers provide. While this shoppin...

  • WorldCoin: saviour of the Internet or simply a bad idea?

    • Mikhail Muradov
    Nov 18, 2023Educational

    Job loss due to AI, bot-network sustained spread of disinformation, monopolisation of internet all of these issues have recently gained traction in the media. Particularly, the ChatGPT provoked corporate “AI arms race” and the resulting issue of iden...

  • How (not) to invest

    • Oliwer Wirkus
    Nov 08, 2023Educational

    Beginning of university is a magical time in many different ways, some start exploring their social life after finally moving out from their parents, some decide it’s high time to start taking things seriously and think about their careers, while oth...

  • Economic Equality: Claudia Goldin's Nobel Journey

    • Daria Haidar
    Oct 18, 2023Educational

    What would you do with roughly $1 million? Perhaps you’d buy yourself an extravagant house, maybe a new car or even treat yourself to a Mediterranean vacation. Well, these are questions that one Claudia Goldin may be asking herself. After all, she ju...