• Vote for FAECTOR in the Councils!

    • Mateusz Galle
    Apr 20, 2017Association

    From Tuesday the 18th of April, you are able to vote on candidates for the ESE School Council and University Council. Also this year, members of FAECTOR are participating in both elections. Below you can see who they are, for which council they are e...

  • FAECTOR City Trip 2017 - Prague

    • Slobodan Durovic
    Apr 10, 2017Association

    Two years ago it was Budapest, last year it was Bucharest and now we went a little bit to the north to the Czech Republic, entering the city with a very mixed cultural story, combining elements of Western and Eastern European architecture and lifesty...

  • Unexpected Hobbies - Kin-ball

    • Deniz Acikgoz
    Apr 03, 2017Association

    In this episode of Unexpected Hobbies, the Estimator member Deniz uncovers his very random hobby: Kin-ball, the game in which four teams chase one big ball around the field. The spring of 2014 was life changing for me. This was the time I’ve been to...

  • Teacher Talk - Remy Spliet

    • Deniz Acikgoz
    • Michel Pham
    Mar 24, 2017Educational

    Teacher Talk is back with another episode! This time we gave the turn to Mr. Spliet, assistant professor in i.a. Matrix Algebra and Vector Calculus at the Econometric Institute. He did a PhD on vehicle routing, a subject of which we see Mr. Spliet st...

  • FAECTOR Research Project - The Untold Journeys

    • Mateusz Galle
    Mar 22, 2017Educational

    The FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) is the international study trip that has been a longstanding event organised by FAECTOR. Since a long time a group of FRP participants go out on a journey every year and since then almost every continent already has...

  • FAECTOR Charity Run Team

    • Slobodan Durovic
    Mar 20, 2017Association

    As April is coming up, so is the Erasmus Charity Run of 2017! Here, we look at the individual team members of the FAECTOR running team, how they have come to prepare for this event and help raise money for charity. They have been working hard and wou...

  • Welcommittees! - Sport Committee

    • Olga Olshevets
    Mar 17, 2017Association

    Once again, it’s for the beloved rubric 'Welcommitees!', where we present all new committees that started in January. We asked everyone to tell something about themselves and to answer three questions about their committee members. In this episode we...

  • Estimator Election Poll

    • Michel Pham
    Mar 15, 2017News

    As many of you students know Monday one of the last debates was held in the Erasmus Aula at our university between the currently biggest expected parties VVD and PVV. It was a wonderful debate where Mark Rutte (VVD), according to the media, slowly bu...

  • Probability vs the Oscars

    • Olga Olshevets
    Mar 14, 2017News

    Annually, one Sunday night at the beginning of a new year is marked by a world famous event, an event full of glamour and class, which celebrates the art of filmmaking. Hereby, I am of course talking about the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars...

  • Darts tournament

    • Michel Pham
    Mar 10, 2017

    On Tuesday the 7th of March a group of FAECTORians attended the very first FAECTOR dart tournament to fight out who could be the new Michael van Gerwen. The tournament started with four groups with four couples each, trying to beat each other in a...