• Meet the 58th board of FAECTOR!

    • Anissa El Mazouzi
    Oct 05, 2023Association

    As the constitution drink is taking place tonight to celebrate the installing of FAECTORs 58th board, it’s a good time to introduce them to you and gain insights into their roles, backgrounds, and discover what sets them apart. The 58th board brings ...

  • FAECTOR Consultancy Project 2023

    • Anissa El Mazouzi
    Sep 14, 2023Educational

    Every year, the FAECTOR Consultancy Project unfolds, offering students a unique opportunity to harness their econometric expertise in the realm of practical data analytics. This initiative pairs students with non-profit organizations and small busine...

  • Cracking the Code: A Guide to Landing a Job at Bain & Company

    • Gabriela Creţu
    • Orestis Tziapouras
    Sep 06, 2023Career

    Who hasn’t dreamt of working for one of the top consulting firms in the world? Is the way to the top as hard as it seems or is there a key to securing a job in the company? Well, we will find out soon, because in this week’s article we will intervie...

  • FAExchange - Interview with Lala

    • Floris De Vries
    Jul 04, 2023

    Perhaps you recognize the feeling of seeing someone after a long time. At first, you don't know what to expect. After a brief moment, the discomfort vanishes and the familiar sensation emerges. You – experienced Estimator reader – should feel this ri...

  • Business Trip: Seoul, South Korea.

    • Oliwer Wirkus
    • Anissa El Mazouzi
    Jun 12, 2023

    As it being ‘one of the greatest projects’ of FAECTOR, we simply had to write an article about it: the business trip. For this, we had an interview with Alex, one of the members of the committee who organized the trip. As the external officer, he was...

  • Bizarre Spring Traditions from Around the Globe

    • Robert Alexandrou
    May 22, 2023

    The end of Winter and emergence of the Sun has symbolised arguably the most important period of the year, known as Spring, since the beginning of life on earth. Spring represents the abundance of life and the beginning of the circle of life. After Wi...

  • Space Odyssey

    • Mikhail Muradov
    May 13, 2023Educational

    For thousands of years men have been hypnotized by the night sky. They always wondered what secrets and mysteries were hiding behind its alluring and frightening power, what treasure and dangers could expect one brave enough to explore it and what si...

  • The Violent Coexistence of AI and humans

    • Robert Alexandrou
    May 01, 2023Educational

    In our world a single computer glitch or a missing character in a line of code can take down countries, like the Y2K glitch, where the software was not updated worldwide to register the new Millenia in 2000 and people went hysterical as they believed...

  • China's collapse

    • Oliwer Wirkus
    Apr 05, 2023Educational

    Intro    China is a country like no other. With a history full of ups and downs, it now stands as one of the world’s global powers, a force to be reckoned with. Over the last few decades the most populous country in the world has been building its ...

  • Are Big Tech Companies Running out of Ideas?

    • Max Hedeman Joosten
    Mar 18, 2023Educational

    Big tech giants like Amazon, Google, Meta and the tech industry as whole have experienced tremendous growth over the past years. However, the recent dip in their stock prices, disappointing results, and challenges they face have led to concerns about...