Estimator is FAECTOR's online publication platform. In 2015, we underwent a big change and the former quarterly magazine is now a website! FAECTOR’s main intention with this new format is to accomplish more: more readers, more articles, more diversity. The website is easily accessible and there is a continuous flow of articles throughout the week.

The Estimator platform is very open to audience feedback or input. Whenever you feel you have something interesting to say, please contact us at estimator@faector.nl, and we might just publish it! This can be anything, from juicy gossip about board members or awesome personal experiences to ideas for puzzles or personal opinions. You can also find us on Facebook: we are called 'FAECTOR's Estimator'.

Of course, we also write about all of FAECTOR’s events, be it social drinks and parties, and inhouse days or the Landelijke Econometristen Dag. We will also give insights in companies that involve Econometrics & OR, interview people and give you practical tips on facets relevant to your (student) life.