Top 5 Articles

  1. Meet the Estimator!

    • Gabriela Creţu
    • Simon Benhaiem
    • Mikhail Muradov
    • Robert Alexandrou
    • Floris De Vries
    • Oliwer Wirkus
    • Anissa El Mazouzi
    • Orestis Tziapouras
    • Daan Derksen
    Nov 02, 2022

    Hey everyone, the time has come. I present you the Estimator Committee! Questions to be answered: Rich and famous or primary income and unknown?...

  2. HyperInflation in the Sneaker Resale Market

    • Orestis Tziapouras
    Apr 14, 2022Educational

    Isn’t it mind boggling how one can pay an x amount for a pair of sneakers and then walk out of the store, only to see its value quadruple, if not more...

  3. Socially Distanced Trading at Optiver

    • Sterre Spaanderman
    • Aaron Stefan Popa
    Mar 26, 2021Career

    Ever wanted to work at Optiver? One of the most sought-after destinations for our graduates, Optiver trainee Olle Tielrooij explains why Optiver is su...

  4. Volatility Arbitrage: An Interview with Da Vinci

    • Aaron Stefan Popa
    • Max Hedeman Joosten
    Jul 03, 2022Career

    Estimator has once again travelled to Amsterdam to interview a graduated Econometrician who is currently working part-time as a Trading Assistant at D...

  5. Interview with an Execution Trader

    • Tessa De Weser
    Oct 13, 2020Educational

    In our latest article we discussed some tips for beginners in stock investment, but what is it like to do that for a living? We talked to Alain Faddeg...