Top 5 Articles

  1. Teacher Talk - Ana Figueiredo

    • Monica Panigrahy
    Mar 12, 2020Educational

    In this edition of Teacher talk, we decided to talk to Assistant Professor Ana Figueiredo, who teaches Macroeconomics to first-year Bachelor students....

  2. EstimATEor - Cem

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    • Artun Boz
    Mar 18, 2020

    In this episode of EstimATEor, we talk to Cem, a second-year double bachelor student from Turkey.   Did you visit the Netherlands before moving here...

  3. Advanced Computer Science - Deepening Minor

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    Mar 25, 2020school

    At ESE, students have the opportunity to go on exchange, do an internship or follow a minor during their last year of university. Estimator has interv...

  4. TESTimator: toilets on campus

    • Laura Zwiers
    • Athaya Putri
    Apr 01, 2020Uni

    The TESTimator is here to test things for you, so you don’t have to try everything out anymore and can just go for the best option. For this edition, ...

  5. How to survive a hangover

    • Laura Zwiers
    Mar 09, 2020

    We've all been there: waking up after a night out feeling nauseous, having a terrible headache and being unable to bear a daylight. Hangovers are terr...