Top 5 Articles

  1. 1 in 3 econometricians a millionaire?

    • Tobias Hoogteijling
    Jun 23, 2016News

    It is often heard: 1 in 3 econometricians will become a millionaire! But where does this figure come from? And is it true? Estimator investigated this...

  2. 8 remarkable facts about Bucharest

    • Maaike Niehof
    Jan 25, 2016news

    Do you belong to the beloved ones who managed to get a spot for the City trip to Bucharest? Then you should definitely read this article! We have coll...

  3. FAECTOR's Committees, part I

    • Carlijn Otto
    Sep 10, 2018Association

    This Friday is the deadline for the FAECTOR committee applications. In case some of you are still doubting whether to join a certain committee because...

  4. Freshmen: Here Is How to Have a Fresh Start!

    • Anique Van Schijndel
    Sep 05, 2018

    It is that time again, the start of another academic year. Many of us will get back to our usual routines of lectures and leisure. However, there are ...

  5. Welcommittee - Estimator

    • Estimator 2018
    Sep 21, 2018Association

    In the coming weeks, we will present you all the new committees. But we would like to start off with introducing ourselves: The Estimator Committee. W...