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  1. 1 in 3 econometricians a millionaire?

    • Tobias Hoogteijling
    Jun 23, 2016News

    It is often heard: 1 in 3 econometricians will become a millionaire! But where does this figure come from? And is it true? Estimator investigated this...

  2. Study tips for the upcoming (online) exams!

    • Monica Panigrahy
    • Laura Zwiers
    • Athaya Putri
    • Lala AlAsadi
    Jun 21, 2020Education

    As the Estimator is also preparing for (online) exams, we thought we can share some tips on how to make sure you have productive study sessions and ho...

  3. Why did Brexit happen?

    • Monica Panigrahy
    • Lala AlAsadi
    Feb 27, 2020News

    The clock strikes midnight. Union Jack flags are raised in front of the UK parliament. One flag is taken down at the European Parliament in Brussels. ...

  4. 8 remarkable facts about Bucharest

    • Maaike Niehof
    Jan 25, 2016news

    Do you belong to the beloved ones who managed to get a spot for the City trip to Bucharest? Then you should definitely read this article! We have coll...

  5. The Economic Impact of COVID-19

    • Monica Panigrahy
    Jun 10, 2020News

    When reports of a new virus started emerging in China in late 2019, it felt like a crisis far away, too remote to even consider that it would impact u...