1. Meet the 58th board of FAECTOR!

    • Anissa El Mazouzi
    Oct 05, 2023Association

    As the constitution drink is taking place tonight to celebrate the installing of FAECTORs 58th board, it’s a good time to introduce them to you and ga...

  2. Introducing the 57th board of FAECTOR!

    • Arnau Duatis Tarradellas
    • Floris De Vries
    Sep 24, 2022Association

    As the start of the new academic year already feels way behind us, you’ve probably met the 57th board or want to make a good impression on them. But w...

  3. Welcommittees (Part 6)

    • Begyum Akyol
    Feb 17, 2022Association

    January 2022 came with new opportunities for the enthusiastic econometrics students. FAECTOR had opened applications for new committees! Estimator sen...

  4. Welcommittees (Part 5)

    • Floris De Vries
    • Max Hedeman Joosten
    Nov 08, 2021Association

    A new academic year means lots of new faces at the Faector office. But compared to the last few years where you got to know the committee members bett...

  5. FAECTORians in the ESE Faculty Council

    • Monica Panigrahy
    May 28, 2021Educational

    With the ESE Faculty Council elections being held until Tuesday, the future of Erasmus School of Economics is in your hands! But with twelve eligible ...

  6. Welcommittees

    • Artun Boz
    Nov 15, 2019Association

    With the start of the new academic year, FAECTOR is growing stronger than ever. In our previous article we introduced the new board, so it’s essential...

  7. Meet the 54th board

    • Charlotte van der Heide
    • Herman Martens
    • Daniel Allick
    • Hiro French
    • Fabricius van Roozendaal
    • Sophie Braggaar
    • Evita Hoogeveen
    Nov 11, 2019Association

    Most of you may have seen the members of the 54th board at Eurekaweek or at activities such as the after exam drink. To find out more about the people...

  8. Active Members Weekend

    • Fabricius van Roozendaal
    • Rick Kessels
    Mar 23, 2019Association

    From the 8th until the 10th of March, the annual Active Members Weekend (AMW) took place. Around 60 active members travelled all the way to Brabant to...

  9. Welcommittees

    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    Mar 15, 2019Association

    New committees call for a new Welcommittee article! In celebration of change, we’ve also changed the structure of the Welcommittee article. Find out w...

  10. Welcommittee - IT committee

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    • Anique Van Schijndel
    Jan 21, 2019Association

    Time for the introduction of the committee that makes sure you are always able to visit our beautiful websites: and T...

  11. Welcommittee - Excellence Committee

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jan 09, 2019Association

    Time for the Introduction of the excellence committee. This committee has already been in place since June, but today seemed like an appropriate time ...

  12. Welcommittee - Alumni Committee

    • Rick Kessels
    Dec 24, 2018Association

    Next up in the Welcommittee sequence is the Alumni Committee! This committee organises events for the ones who somehow managed to graduate the econome...

  13. FAECTOR'S Committees January 2019

    • Anique Van Schijndel
    Dec 04, 2018Association

    Learning to work with others, making new friends and of course having loads of fun. Being part of a committee has added value in many ways! Are you in...

  14. Welcommittee - External Committee

    • Rick Kessels
    Nov 08, 2018Association

    It's time for another Welcommittee! This time we will introduce the members of the External Committee. The External Committee will help the Career Off...

  15. EstimATEor: Sara Marqués (& Selene Bruni)

    • Rick Kessels
    Nov 06, 2018Association

    On Monday the 5th of November, we joined Sara Marqués and her best friend Selene Bruni, both first year BSc2-students, for a typical Spanish dinner! T...

  16. Welcommittee Intact

    • Aron van Woerkom
    Nov 01, 2018Association

    As you all may know, FAECTOR has welcomed several new committees since last summer. In order to introduce themselves, the Estimator has asked them to ...

  17. Welcommittee - Business Trip Committee

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Oct 27, 2018Association

    Time for another introduction. In this Welcommittee, we will introduce the members of the Businesstrip Committee. They are responsible for the yearly ...

  18. Welcommittee - Freshmen Committee

    • Anique Van Schijndel
    Oct 11, 2018Association

    The first exams have not even passed, and already have these wonderful freshmen made a great decision by becoming an active member at FAECTOR, namely ...

  19. Constitution Drink (CoBo)

    • Rick Kessels
    Oct 07, 2018Association

    On Tuesday October 2nd, it was time for the Constitution Drink of this year's board. This celebration of the 53rd board of FAECTOR took place in club ...

  20. Welcome to the board

    • Aron van Woerkom
    Oct 05, 2018

    As everyone may know already, FAECTOR has officially welcomed a new board since the last ALV. In order to learn more about each board member, the Esti...

  21. Welcommittee - Estimator

    • Estimator 2018
    Sep 21, 2018Association

    In the coming weeks, we will present you all the new committees. But we would like to start off with introducing ourselves: The Estimator Committee. W...

  22. FAECTOR's Committees, Part II

    • Rick Kessels
    Sep 13, 2018Association

    Are you interested in joining a committee and becoming an active member of FAECTOR? In this article, active members from last year tell you about thei...

  23. FAECTOR's Committees, part I

    • Carlijn Otto
    Sep 10, 2018Association

    This Friday is the deadline for the FAECTOR committee applications. In case some of you are still doubting whether to join a certain committee because...

  24. Welcommittee - Econometric Career Days Committee

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jul 19, 2018Association

    Since our last introduction of the Econometric Career Days Committee in March, some changes in their composition have taken place. Luckily, Anna and V...

  25. End of the Year Party

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jul 06, 2018Association

    On the 28th of June, many of you, fellow FAECTORIANS, danced away the night during the End of the Year Party. After a lot of hard work during the exam...

  26. Hitchhiking Competition

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jun 09, 2018Association

    Exactly one week ago, at 8:30 on the 2nd of June, a group of active members of FAECTOR gathered at university. All dressed up in their most outstandin...

  27. Football Tournament

    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jun 02, 2018

    On Friday the 25th of May, a week ago, the yearly Football Tournament took place. The FC and EC bundled their strengths together and set up a joyful a...

  28. Karaoke After Exam Drink

    • Aron van Woerkom
    May 15, 2018

    Karaoke after exam drink   Last Thursday we had our last official after exam drink of the year! During the first part of the drink, the Freshmen Com...

  29. Welcommitties! - Consultancy Committee

    • Rick Kessels
    Apr 07, 2018Association

    Get ready for your daily dosis of cute baby pictures and extremely awkward stories, because we are back with another Welcommittee! We asked our burnin...

  30. Welcommittees! - FRP 2018/2019

    • Carlijn Otto
    Mar 31, 2018Association

    The next committee we want to present to you is the FAECTOR Research Project for 2018/2019. They are currently working incredibly hard to organise the...