Active Members Weekend

From the 8th until the 10th of March, the annual Active Members Weekend (AMW) took place. Around 60 active members travelled all the way to Brabant to enjoy a truly FAECTOR-green weekend.

After a small trip to Heukelom near Tilburg, Friday night started off well with the first tosties and drinks. The committees mingled and shared laughs, and games while discussing which committee is the best. After the delicious dinner made by the Eerstejaars Committee, people could be found anywhere from the dancefloor dancing on the latest hits to the kitchen making (again) a lot of tosties.

On Saturday, we started our day with a tosti-based breakfast, whereafter we all travelled to Tilburg city centre to enjoy a game of “Nothing is what it seems”: A game based on the popular Dutch TV-show “Wie is de Mol?”. Everyone was split up into teams, and the goal of the game was to collect as much money as possible with your team by means of solving puzzles, playing games, blackmailing other groups with your joker, or finding a full topito.

This was an example puzzle during the game "Nothing is what it seems". The question was to find the person who does not belong. You can find the answer at the end of the article.

When the Houthakkers were awarded the final victory and also the seeked-after celebrations chocolate box, all the active members returned back to the base. The Freshmen Committee immediately started preparing the dinner for the night, while the other active members played some casual (drinking) games. After a chicken-tandoori dinner, it was time for the highlight of the weekend: A Disney-themed Beer Cantus! Besides the fact that there were only like three Disney songs in the Beer Cantus, everyone had a great time!

On the last day, when everybody finally woke up, the IntAct committee surprised everybody with a delicious and needed brunch. After a diet of eating mostly (you guessed it) tosties, a nice balanced brunch with fruits, eggs, nice bread, and tea feels like heaven. Then to finish the weekend, everyone cleaned together while dancing to the best cleaning songs. Only then the journey home could begin, after which all tired students probably crawled in bed to catch up on some well deserved sleep.

The answer the the puzzle is Daniel Craig, in position (row 2, column 4).

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Written by:
  • Fabricius van Roozendaal
  • Rick Kessels
| Published on: Mar 23, 2019