1. Keeping Up With The FAExchangies - Jemima Mantiri

    • Jemima Ecclesia Mantiri
    Jan 07, 2020

    Hey y’all! Who does not know Michael Jordan? I’m pretty sure that you would know who he is. However, one thing that you might not know is that he was...

  2. How to keep up with your New Year's resolutions

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    Dec 30, 2019

    According to US News, 80% of people give up on their new year's resolution by the second week of February. Meanwhile, on average, only 9.2% of people ...

  3. The economy of Christmas

    • Mihaela Ilova
    • Artun Boz
    Dec 23, 2019

    Christmas is approaching fast and if you are a last minute gift shopper, chances are you’ve experienced the Christmas shopping madness. What was once ...

  4. Estimator Christmas traditions

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    • Mihaela Ilova
    • Laura Zwiers
    • Artun Boz
    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    • Athaya Putri
    Dec 20, 2019

    The econometrics programme consists of many international students from all over the world. This means that we all celebrate Christmas in different wa...

  5. Watchables: Christmas edition

    • Laura Zwiers
    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    • Athaya Putri
    Dec 16, 2019

    Christmas time is almost here! And what better way to get yourself in the holiday mood in between studying than by watching a Christmas movie? In this...

  6. TESTimator: wine and cheese

    • Artun Boz
    Dec 13, 2019

    The last TESTimator involved a comprehensive review of the study spots found in Erasmus. But like a great thinker once said: “Perfectly balanced, as a...

  7. The climate change movement

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    • Bente Presse
    • Sigita Lapina
    Dec 02, 2019

    Given the uproar surrounding climate change after Greta Thunberg's infamous speech at the United Nation's Climate Action Summit, held at UN headquarte...

  8. Keeping Up With The FAExchangies - Stephen Tseng

    • Stephen Tseng
    Nov 29, 2019

    Brazil…one of the most dangerous countries they said. Well, I am still well and writing to you from the biggest city in the Americas. Of course, I am ...

  9. What Type Of Student In The Library Are You?

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    Nov 25, 2019

    As econometricians we're used to studying a lot and many of us study on campus! Click on the link below to see which type of student in the library yo...

  10. Hidden gems in Rotterdam

    • Laura Zwiers
    Nov 18, 2019

    We all know how it goes: you’re planning to go for dinner or drinks with a group of friends and while deciding where to go, the same restaurants and b...

  11. Keeping Up With The FAExchangies - Rick Kessels

    • Rick Kessels
    Nov 08, 2019

    G’day mate! I am Rick Kessels and I am a fourth year BSc2 Econometrics/Economics student. Grateful for the opportunity to go on exchange to the city ...

  12. EstimATEor - Monica Panigrahy

    • Mihaela Ilova
    • Artun Boz
    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    Oct 16, 2019

    For this edition of EstimATEor we interviewed Monica Panigrahy, a first year BSc2 student. She cooked some wonderful Indian food for us which consiste...

  13. TESTimator: study spots on campus

    • Athaya Putri
    Oct 12, 2019

    Do you often get distracted when studying at home? With the block coming to an end, exams are approaching, it is easy to get distracted from your stud...

  14. Procrastination and its remedies

    • Mihaela Ilova
    Oct 05, 2019

    I decided to write about procrastination because being a procrastinator has always been one of my biggest flaws and is something that everyone can rel...

  15. Travel tips: Weekend trip edition

    • Koen Pethke
    • Kevin Tittel
    • Laura Zwiers
    Sep 27, 2019

    With the start of the academic year we had to say goodbye to a long and good summer. However, it is still important to unwind every now and then, pref...

  16. Watchables 3

    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    Sep 18, 2019

    The new school year just started and most of us are already busy studying. It’s important to relax and of course (binge) watch some tv shows and movie...

  17. TESTimator: coffee on campus

    • Laura Zwiers
    Aug 23, 2019

    The TESTimator is a new rubric in which we try out many different foods, drinks and places for you, such that you do not have to go to the bad ones a...

  18. Amusement parks in the Netherlands

    • Laura Zwiers
    Aug 16, 2019

    Rotterdam has a lot to offer, and we all very much enjoy the variety of activities you can do in the city. However, you might sometimes long for a day...

  19. The benefits of the sun

    • Mihaela Ilova
    Aug 09, 2019

    What do Italians, Greeks and Portuguese have that we, in Rotterdam, don’t? Tourism during summer? We’re getting warmer. Beaches? Even warmer. Hot weat...

  20. What Makes Econometricians Cry

    • Myrthe van den Reek
    Jul 26, 2019

    If you are Dutch and active on YouTube, you might have come across a video from Joardy Film. This youtuber makes videos as his alter ego Joardy (who i...

  21. Travel tips 2 - Summer 2019

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    • Mihaela Ilova
    • Laura Zwiers
    Jul 12, 2019

    The summer holidays have already started! While we all have different interests, hobbies and responsibilities, one thing that we can all share is our ...

  22. Cashier Henriëtte - Employees You See But Never Speak

    • Kevin Tittel
    Jul 05, 2019

    There are plenty of employees working at the Erasmus University, but there seems to be no one as popular as the woman after whom the FAECTOR office co...

  23. What's the deal with poker?

    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    Jun 25, 2019

    Most of us are guilty of having played those poker games on the windows desktops back in the day without even knowing what we were doing.  Did those w...

  24. Travel tips - Summer 2019

    • Fabricius van Roozendaal
    • Rebecca van Essen
    • Sophie Braggaar
    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    Jun 20, 2019

    The summer holidays are coming and everybody will fly to different ends of the world to avoid the phenomenon called "Dutch summer". Thailand, Spain, U...

  25. EstimATEor - Rina Cheng

    • Noemi Antônia Carolina Savelkoul
    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    Jun 12, 2019

    We recently interviewed Rina Cheng, a first year BSc2 student, while enjoying some delicious Chinese food cooked by her! We had some vegetarian dumpli...

  26. What Your Music Says About Your Personality

    • Kevin Tittel
    Jun 09, 2019

    Once in your lifetime, the following inevitable question must have popped up in your mind: what does the music I listen to actually say about me as a ...

  27. Employees you see but never speak - Gym Teacher Conny

    • Carlijn Otto
    • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
    Jun 05, 2019

    At the Erasmus University, there are plenty of employees who are crucial for the campus, but whom we never really speak to. One example of such an emp...

  28. People with Passion: Pieter van der Vleuten

    • Pieter van der Vleuten
    May 31, 2019

    People with passion is back! this time we are interviewing Pieter, who is a running-fanatic. He has ran many tracks with impressive times. We asked hi...

  29. Watchables 2

    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    May 24, 2019

    The last block of this school year is in action. It’s important that you give it all you’ve got, but it’s also important to take breaks and relax. In ...

  30. What Type Of Econometrician Are You?

    • Fabricius van Roozendaal
    • Raveena Dharmdasani
    May 08, 2019

    We all have one thing in common - we study econometrics. However, there are many different types of econometricians among us. Click on the link below ...